Auction Catalogue - 28th September 2017

Auction Catalogue – 28th September 2017

  • Auctions held every Thursday 6 pm
  • Viewing: Wed. 10am – 6pm & Thurs. 12pm – 6pm
  • Bids accepted by phone, fax or by completing the absentee bidding form and must be submitted before 5.30pm on day of sale.
  • Payment by credit card, cheque or cash Please pay for and collect goods by Friday following auction. Late payment will incur a $10 fee.
  • 22% buyer premium + GST applies
  • 1.2% charge on Credit Card and Eftpos
  • Catalogue updated 7pm Tuesdays.

Catalogue 28th September 2017

Catalogue 28th September 2017 largefont


1Circa 1940's Russian Birch veneered half round hall console with U base, mirror top & front drawer
2Vintage plaster ware Venetian gondola with inserted gondolier 69cm long
3Pair c1970's veneer bedside drawers with 3 drawers & slide-out tray
4Pair modern Morris style arm chairs with 'click-clack' reclining back, timber frame & velour upholstery
5Framed c1900 Australian School Pastel Drawing - STILL LIFE, FRUIT - Unsigned - 27x40cm
6Vintage 4 panel hinged H/Painted Oriental screen
7Green upholstered office chair
82 x Items incl.; vintage Husquvarna sewing machine in cabinet & timber piano stool
9Battery powered magnifying lamp
102 x Furniture items incl. vintage wooden standard lamp with fluted column & frilled peach fabric shade and a round marble with brass lamp table.
11Vintage coffee table made of various timbers incl. Blackwood, Mulga & Casurina
122 x vintage oval frames with pictures, one with convex glass
13Group lot - Esky w/ Toy Dinosaurs & Dragons + Pond Yacht on stand
14Box of vintage hand tools incl.; hammers, files pliers etc.
15Vintage Red WORKMANS lantern - 3 x red glass shades, marked C L C C to top
16Vintage Italian Capodimonte porcelain flower arrangement in a twin handled vase, approx.. 34 cm H.
17Set of motorcycle leathers red & black
182 x Occasional tables & wine rack
19Box lot - Vintage Lp & 45rpm RECORDS - Various Styles & Artists
20Group lot - Large Classical style Rug & Framed Paintings & Prints
21Group of LP records & singles, various styles and artists
22c,1977 Kriesler Disc-O-Tape Audio System in teak veneer cabinet
23Box of 1920s jars, bottles & packaging, etc.
242 boxes BEER cans - c1970/80's West End, Resch's, etc.
25Box of DVDs cds & book incl.; Iron Maiden the legacy of the beast, Star Wars Trilogy etc.
26Box of ladies shoes, jackets & pair of CAT steel capped boots
27Large group lot - Vintage & Modern KIDS TOYS - Barbie Campervan, Soft Toy PINK PANTHER, Large Wooden Toy Truck, R/C Helicopters, Tyco keyboard, etc.
28Small lot incl.; Boxed modern TRAVELER brand Digital Camera + 2 x Battery Chargers
29Box of tools incl.: 2 wooden bungs, 3 bezel gauges, calipers etc.
302 x Boxes of assorted items incl.; motorcycle helmets, dolls, Tapa cloth etc.
313 x Boxes of assorted items incl. Animal doll, pictures EPNS etc.
32Framed vintage plastic flowers and assorted pictures
33Shelf lot incl.; mantel clock, Pernod advertising jug, copperware, wooden rickshaw, etc.
342 x Shelves of assorted items incl.; pottery, vat 69 ashtray, pictures frames, etc.
35Vintage hand painted sandwich board sign in red, black & Yellow - text reads 'Aboriginal Handcrafts 10am - 4:30pm'
36Box lot assorted vintage books, titles incl.; From Middy to Admiral of The Fleet, Needlework & Cutting Out, A Prince of Schoolboys, Peter Piper Show, etc.
37Large box of glassware & boxed punch bowl set
38Box of assorted items incl. bakelite handles, Glaxo tins, Ian Stephens painting etc.
39Group lot incl.; 2 x Modern Tripod Industrial style Floor Lamps + Coat stand
403 x Boxes of mixed items incl.; children's toys, books, LP records etc.
41Group lot - Set of 3 x USA made Stereo Speakers & SAECO Automatic ESPRESSO machine
42Group of tools & hardware incl.; Augers, scrapers, brass catches etc.
43Vintage Peter Daicos poster & Album of 2015 official AFL cards
442 x Stereo systems incl. Teac with 3cd changer & double cassette deck
45Vintage painted timber bathroom cabinet with mirrored back
46Group lot - Vintage CAPTAINS office Chair, lamps CMA cable winding spool
473 x Boxes of lamps & lighting incl. floor lamp and suitcase etc.
48Group lot - Mixed items - Boxes of Kids Toys & Games, Vic style dolls Pram, etc.
493 x Boxes of mixed books incl.; cartoon books (Leunig, Petty), non-fiction, 'How to Make Babies, etc.
50Box of vintage boxes & packaging incl. confectionary and biscuits etc.
50.1Heier 58 litre bar fridge
51Box of vintage hand tools incl.; pliers, saws drill bits etc.
52Group with Mirror prints & brass coat stand
533 x Items Vintage magazine rack, shipping painting & framed sack
54Large tub of agates approx 20kg
55Group lot - Mixed items - Old stoneware Crocks, Kenwood MIXER, packing Crates, etc.
563 x Vintage framed photos, etc. incl.; family portrait, certificate, etc
57Vintage brass firebox with embossed drinking scene & fire screen with galloping horses
58Group lot - small sized Cases, old Road Maps incl. GOLDEN FLEECE, Alarm clock, old Fan, Rotary dial Phone, etc.
59Vintage c1900 Small sized CEDAR & Pine CHEST OF DRAWERS - Estapol finish
60Box with alien lolly dispenser & blue glass 1930s light shade
61Box of Laserdisc movies incl.; Madonna, Cable guy, Superman 2, Alien etc.
62Vintage USA made 1950's 5 Piece OUTDOOR Table & Chair set - marks to undersides
63Group lot - Framed Paintings, prints, Pictures, etc.
64Large set of 6 vintage timber lockers
652 x Boxes assorted items incl.; tin baking & homewares, glassware, crystal, etc.
66Heavy safe with combination & key
672 x Boxes mixed items incl.; tools, clocks, lighting bee smoker, etc.
682 x Boxes incl.; assorted vinyl albums & napery - doilies, vintage Needlecraft book, etc.
69Box lot incl.; 78's vinyl records, music books, etc. plus a binding machine
70Large box lot assorted loose buttons plus a vintage knitted cardigan
712 x Boxes mixed items incl.; telephones, clock radios, etc.
722 x Boxed of assorted china & glass
732 x Boxes of assorted pottery, glass, enamel ware & masks
74Large group lot assorted heaters incl.; oil, panel, personal, etc. plus a vintage upright vacuum cleaner
753 x Vintage items incl.; large metal shipping trunk & 2 x jerry cans
76Large vintage galvanized tin feed bin with hinged lid
77Large group lot incl.; large candle stands, metal filing draw, camping goods, etc.
78Large group lot incl.; skateboards, drum cymbals, kitchenalia, glassware, etc.
792 x Boxes assorted LP vinyl records incl.; Samantha Fox, The Kevin's, David Cassidy, etc.
80Large group lot incl.; home theatre (Panasonic PT-AX100E HD projector, blue-ray player) vintage Hand built 'The Three Bears' stuffed toys, blankets, lighting, etc.
81Box lot mixed items incl.; vintage burner, case, motorcycle helmet, Smokers stand, etc.
82Group of Oil paintings incl.; High country by Kinross, etc.
83Group lot - Vintage Sports Equipment - Golf Clubs in Old leather bags, tennis Racquets, etc.
84Group with Shark vac, fold out TV table
85Small group lot incl.; paintings, light fittings, tins, etc.
86Box of vintage camera & accessories
873 x items - red/green Mohair rug & 2 x crochet granny rugs
88Box of vintage hand tools incl.; cast iron spanners, wood planes & unusual plumbers wrench with fruitwood handle etc.
892 x Boxes mixed items incl.; Wedgwood china, cassette tapes, accessories, etc.
902 x boxes assorted children's books
91Group lot incl.; cased vintage ALNOR Velometer, police cap, Tinker toy, etc.
92Group lot - Framed Pictures, Photographs, etc. - ANSETT Airliners, Santa, Religious, etc
93Vintage red & black wood bound trunk with internal tray
94Group incl.; Schweppes & bank sign plus a felt games board
95Student desk & office chair
962 x Items incl.; Kenwood chef mixer & accessories and smokers stand
97Box of vintage kids books incl. Dr Seuss, Bugs Dinosaurs etc.
98Group lot Sherwood audio components incl.; Amplifier, Tuner, Cd Player, Tape Deck & Tuner
992 x Boxes of Glass & metal ware silver plate crystal ice bucket etc.
1004 x Boxes assorted books incl.; Engineering, Art, Man watching, coffee table books, etc.
101Box of assorted items incl.; enamelware, cast iron foot warmer etc.
102Box of rocks, crystals & gemstones incl. Molybendelum, quartz crystals etc.
103Large group of metal card drawers
104Group incl.; glass topped tables, lamps, letterboxes, leather bags & satchels etc.
105Esky full of vintage roller skates
106Cast iron foot warmer & sew on patches
1073 x Boxes of assorted items incl. coffee machine, watercolour paints, painting books, vulcanizing clamp etc.
108Small group lot incl.; laminated wall maps, large timber easel, ceramic, child's toy Star Wars pinball etc.
109Suitcase of vintage hand tools & small boxes of hardware
110Box of assorted items incl.; marble based lamp, picture frames, gloves etc.
1112 x Items incl.; vintage 2 tier telephone table & bentwood chair
1122 x Sporting items incl.; 'Lock & Roll' folding bicycle and exercise bench
1132 x items incl.; Vintage side table & wooden auto trolley
114Vintage STC radiogram with valve amplifier & Garrad turntable
115Group lot assorted foot stools incl.; vintage/retro, etc.
116Wrought iron buggy step - c1900, Rd numbers sighted
117Large wooden steamer trunk
1182 x Framed Shipping pictures incl. Fighting ships of the British Navy
1191953 Philips GM5659 oscilloscope with instructions
120Vintage cane wicker corner laundry basket with contents - posters
121Box of 1970s & 80s LP records incl. Movie soundtracks Abba, Roberta Flack, Eurhythmics etc.
122Vintage wooden bedside cabinet partially stripped
1232 x Vintage enamel light shades
124Pair of glass topped coffee tables
1253 x Vintage brightly coloured cloth flags incl. semaphore
126Group of pictures & prints incl.; Victorian lithographs, etc.
127Group lot outdoor furniture incl.; 3 Piece aluminum outdoor setting, etc.
128Box of football records & 3 skateboards
129c1930's Timber armchair with brown vinyl upholstery & large brass button pins
1302 x Framed 1970's Oil painting - STILL LIFE signed WENDY S + Street scene signed lower right but illegible
131Sam Egan fiberglass surfboard - 195cm
132Group of vintage Engineering, architecture & railways books
1333 x Items Stanley drill, oiler & grease gun
134Box of EPNS incl.; silver plated American, comport, etc.
135Pair of ladies SIOUX sheepskin lined leather boots with rubber sole - size: 37
1366 x Art reference books - topics incl. Pre-Raphaelite Painters, Renoir, Carravaggio, Michelangelo, Degas, etc.
137Elephant folio Atlas, Earth the complete record
138Group of Enid Blyton books incl. The Adventurous four, The Naughtiest girl in school etc.
1392 x H/C Books the Clyde Company papers Vols II & VI
140Group of Vintage plastic aeroplane models incl.; F 14, Zero etc.
141Part shelf lot incl.; Australian Pottery, Vintage glass ceiling shade, etc.
142Box lot costume jewellery etc. incl. Ceramic perfume bottles, chains, necklaces, earrings, faux pearls, bangles, pendants, brooches etc.
143Box of toys incl. die cast cars, Thomas the tank engine trains etc.
144Box of vintage hardware bottles incl.; 3 bottles of Opaline glass paint, etc.
145Group incl. files, punches, ink bottles, chrome posy holders, cruet stand etc.
146Small group lot vintage pottery incl.; Bendigo, Florenz, etc.
147Small group lot vintage games & comics incl.; Bingo, Triumph-Mosaic, assorted comics - Terry Toons, etc.
148Set of 4 Victorian cast iron claw & ball feet
149Vintage Royal portable typewriter
150Vintage wax cylinder recording Dictaphone
1513 x Items Vintage Boncote cement paint, pole with roller & nail pail
1522 x Items cast iron tape dispenser & radiant heater with cast iron base
153Vintage Morticing chisel & attachment
154Group of Tape players & recorders incl.; Sony portable
155Vintage Typewriter in case Craftmatic Mk IV
156Box of vintage novelty pencil sharpeners
157c1900 Australian Cedar Cutlery tote with cute hand tools incl.; Boxwood, beech, ebony & fruitwood handles
158Box with Stanley 4 1/2 plane, spoke shave & plane parts
159Large Framed GREGORY JOHN IRVINE (1947 - ) Oil on Canvas - THE BARK HUT - Signed with Initials, lower left - 86x101cm
160Framed Patricia Hale Modernist Colour Lithograph - UNTITLED (Fishing Boat) - Signed, Dated '89 & Numbered in Pencil on Margin - 11x18cm
161Framed Oriental GOUACHE - God or Wise man w/ Staff - Signed w/ Character marks upper right - 39x27cm
162Large Framed c1900 Australian school Oil on Canvas - RIVER & HOMESTEAD scene w/ Cattle Grazing & Kookaburra on Stump in foreground - Signed but illegible, lower right - 59.5x101cm
163Framed Lisa Nagle Modernist Oil Painting - DESIRE - Signed lower right - 58.5x41cm
164Framed European school Oil Painting - THE TOWN SQUARE, WINTER - Signed lower right 'Wiewski' also to plaque lower centre - 49.5x59.5cm
165Framed M SLATTER Modernist Australian School Watercolour - ROCK Formations - Signed lower right - 43.5x39.5cm
166Framed MODERNIST Oil Painting - TREES - Unsigned, painted c1940/50's - 52.5x43cm
167Framed MITJANA BRAGDEN Watercolour - 2 Koalas - Signed lower centre - 28x44cm
168Group lot incl.; timber outdoor armchair & ladder, metal screen/stand, etc.
169Vintage PNG Gope Board 123cm long
1702 x C1950 Laminated shipping charts for Port Phillip & Port Phillip to Gabo island
171Vintage metal garden seat
172Full size male mannequin on stand
1733 x Tables modern kidney shaped glass topped side table & round stacking union jack side tables
174Art deco walnut Veneered two door glass cabinet with frosted floral design
175Victorian copper lustre jug & letter rack
1762 x Items - c1944 US military entrenching tool & Army jacket
177c1900 chestnut roaster
178Group lot - Vintage & Modern Coloured Glass, Art Glass, etc.
179Group of vintage LP records incl.; Elton John, Abba, Neil Diamond etc.
180Group of Vintage children's books incl.; The Connie Christy annual
181Small box incl. beadwork mats & painted eggs etc.
1822 x Boxed Lego Star Wars sets - Corporate Alliance Tank Droid 7748 & Droid troop carrier 75058
183Shoe box of assorted items incl. Crown Lynn nursery cup, dolls & Stylophone music book and records
184Group of vintage photographs incl.; wedding shots from Melbourne Photographers incl Melba Studios, Muntz Malvern etc.
1852 x Pair of bookends, incl.; alabaster budgies
186Vintage Motorola MicroTac 8200 flip phone
187Group of clocks incl.; Boxed Europa traveling alarm clock, etc.
1881970s West German pot & art glass bowl
189Group of traveling ware by W&R & Goss incl. sundial etc.
190Vintage Brass sliding BOOK STAND - stylish simple shape
191Boxed Lego Star Wars Revel U-Wing Fighter 75155 & 75017 Duel on Genesis
192Group of miniature character & Toby jugs incl. Sylvac Welsh lady and Silas Sly
193Royal Australian Navy monocular by British Optical Australia co No 156
194Box lot assorted items incl.; costume jewellery, vintage packaging, metal ware, etc.
1953 x vintage Desiccators 2 with Vacuum seal
196Vintage plastic stripy canisters & kitchen scales
197Vintage 7 X 50 Omega binoculars in original leather case
1982 x vintage Hunting scene sculptures with dogs
1993 x Boxed Lego city & creator sets - 31048 mountain house, 60117 Caravan and 4203 construction vehicles
200Vintage Rowland's Ginger beer stoneware bottle
201Group lot - Vintage Items - old Copper DOOR KNOBS & Door Plates, Paper spike, etc.
202Carved STONE Figure of a Seated Female Nude - lovely Natural Colours, etc. - 21cm H.
203Group of shipping items incl.; ships in miniature dimple bottles, stationary etc.
204Group of Puzzle jugs & spotty Wachtersbach canister
2053 x 1930s Glass jars - 2 x with red & green Bakelite lids & brown glass with black lid, incl. old wafer biscuits, rice Crispies
206Vintage white Polaroid SX 70 camera
207Boxed partly made 1990's HORROR Model Kit - H.P.Lovecrafts THE UNNAMABLE II - made by Geo metric
208Vintage boxed Barbie townhouse
209Vintage Chemistry stand with test tube holders
210Pair of framed 'The Newest Illustrations of Acupuncture Points' vintage posters - 86.5cm x 38cm
211Modern SKELETON Display advertising for CELEBREX - on original Stand - 82cm H.
212Framed Michael Jordan 1988 slam dunk champion photograph
213Group lot of vintage unframed etchings & mezzotints
214Vintage Readers digest 12 " World globe
215Group with 2 signed prints & walking sticks
2163 x Vintage items incl.; barometer, Mistral fan with desk fan with Bakelite base, etc.
217c1967 Sanyo DS-50T stereo turntable with speakers & user's manual
218Box lot incl.; button tin, beer steins, boxed microscope etc.
219Group lot - c1970/80's Studio Pottery - Derek Smith Blackfriars Jug, celadon Glazed Vase w/ 4 Handles to top, Lidded Sugar Jar w/ Monogram, Native American Indian Pottery, etc.
220Group of items incl. Japanese lacquer box & contents, lidded tea cups,
2213 x Pces Australian Pottery teapots incl.; Trevor Spohr, etc.
3 x pces Australian pottery teapots incl; Trevor Spohr, et
3 x pieces Australian pottery teapots incl; Trevor Spohr, etc
222Vintage religious lamp with shell surround
223Group lot - 2 x Pkts as new 1960's Stockings, Knife & Fork from LE LIDO Burlesque club + modern resin Figure of a BATHER
224Group incl.; Poly pak anodized Aluminum & china set, Carlton ware lustre vase and Bavarian coffee set
225Group lot - Australian Pottery - Unsigned sculptural BACK BONE Section, set 4 Dyson Cups w/ H/painted design, etc.
225.1Large Ferrari Flag
226Group of Ephemera incl. Wood block prints advertising hicks, 1960s Snow white dairy foods calendar etc.
227Group lot - Large Nylon FLAGS - Scotland + MILAN Italian Champions
228Group of Minolta camera incl.; 16 - MG-S, 110 Zoom SLR, &s & flash
2292 x Plastic cars incl.; Volvo 740 Turbo & Camaro Firebird with rip pull
230Boxed black bakelite Viewmaster & slides
231Vintage 35mm film camera with Zeiss Ikon Tessar 45mm 1:2.8 lens & instructions
2323 x Vintage travel books incl.; 1939 Holiday Haunts, Southern Railway & Tasmanian Journey
233Small group lot vintage shaving items incl.; C.R.Hose shaving mug, assorted electric shavers, etc.
2342 x Pairs of opera glasses incl.; 1 with original leather case
2352 x Boxed Matchbox Dinky toy cars Cadillac Coupe de ville & 1967 Ford Mustang
2362 x Vintage games incl.; boxed timber mounted dominoes & miniature 'Patience Playing Cards'
237Boxed Lego Star Wars First Order Transporter 75103, Resistance Troop Transporter 75140 & Flash Speeder 75091
2382 x Reproduction TIN Signs - FANTASTIC FOUR Comic book Cover w/ Embossed design + I DON’T ALWAYS DRINK BEER BUT WHEN I DO…
239Set of 50 Player Cigarette CARDS - Dickens characters
240c1968 Vintage Sony ICR 200 transistor radio
241Male Kangaroo pouch
2422 x Boxes of cards Red Bakelite RATHDOWN CLUB Card Box & Cards
243Small lot - Vintage Calligraphy Pen Nibs, Military ISSUE Bossons Whistle, men's Wrist Watch, etc.
244Bag of vintage Tarax sparkling soft drink pencils
245Group of vintage souvenir items incl.; Fijian butterfly wing ashtray, snakeskin & beaded bracelets etc.
246Box lot incl. Badges AIF RMS 'Queen Mary', tiepins, cufflinks, studs, fob chain, watch pendant, Giles souvenir spoon, filigree silver bracelet etc.
247Group lot incl.; vintage patches & Russell Coca Cola YoYo
248c1960 Sony Transistor radio six transistor TRW 621
249Potted Fern like plant
250Boxed WW2 Barr & Stroud Rangefinder No 13 MkIII
251Group of Paint advertising brochure 1950s - 1980s
252Box of costume jewellery incl.; tribal white metal bracelets, rings, necklaces etc.
253Group lot - football cards incl. 1966 Mobil Footy Photo album with contents & 1970's Scanlon's - assorted teams.
2541930s celluloid dressing table set
255Silver 958 commemorative coin - Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) - Hallmarked to coins edge
2562 x Vintage clockwork toys - fur covered bear & tin pig (Britain)
257Small lot - Vintage MELBOURNE 1956 OLYMPIC Ephemera - 2 x November 22 Main Stadium ticket stubs & Original Reservations Envelope
258Small group lot assorted novelty postcards incl.; The Bowden Series, Pebbles, Perth, etc.
259Group of Australian & International coins incl. Australian silver florin and shilling
2602 x 19Th century sets - Carving knife & fork and Fish knife and server with 800 silver handles and gilt blades in Rococo style with elaborate C scrolls and
261Wide angle Anamorphic Kitar 2x projector lens
2622 x Vintage Micrometers incl.; Mitutoyo stainless steel vernier caliper
263Boxed 1941 WW2 Mk VI Inclinometer by Nobelt & Forrest
264Group lot - Vintage c.WW2 Photographic Postcards & photo's - heaps w/ Titles to backs incl. ARAB SHIEK & 2 Wives, very wealthy Man Raffa '42, Frontier Egypt/Palestine, Weaving Cloth Gaza '42, etc.
265Vintage Packaged enameled LONDON Car Radiator Grill Badge
266Group lot vintage costume jewellery incl. Rhinestone brooches, dress clip, Amazonite chain linked bead necklace, etc.
2673 x Pces of Marcasite jewellery incl.; Sterling Silver Bow brooch & 2 dress clips
268Vintage AA Car Grill Badge - Original Yellow backing, all markings to lower section incl. Serial Number 0F86264
269Vintage RACV Car Grill Badge - Original Blue anodized baking, marked STOKES to front
270c1850s Daguerreotype Portrait of mother & child in a Gutta Percha case
271WW2 aluminum & brass Mortar Clinometer MkIII
272Vintage G B POWELL Australian Pottery Stylised WALL MASK - signed & dated 1951 verso
273Group of 19th century table knives with Ivory, whale bone, horn & wooden handles
2741960s Perspex ANZ advertising sign
275Vintage St Johns ambulance sling with illustrated instructions
2766 x C1900s Tiles with double headed dragons by Sarreguemines France
277Group of art & carnival glass incl.; fish and basket
278Stainless steel ring sizing tool
279c1929 Vintage framed photograph - South St. Kilda Cricket Club, 15,5cm xx 20cm
280Box of 1930s Myott china incl.; Cups, saucers, plates, bowls etc.
2812 x Unusual brace attachments for spoke cutting
2821920s Mutual store tea 5 lb tin
283Australian pottery vase by Charles Wilton in black glaze with mottled colours 22cm tall
284Australian pottery bowl by Charles Wilton with red & blue glaze
2851930s Sylvac ceramic Yacht - green matte glaze - mod 1394 - 20cms H
286Large stainless steel tray with engraved images - diameter: 43.5cm
287Unusual cast iron Hollow auger tenon cutter by C S Stearns & co Syracuse NY
2882 x Items incl.; glass magnifier & glass ring
289Group of Victorian Royal Doulton porcelain with blue & gilt floral decoration - Rd no. 72067
290Reproduction bronze Ballerina on marble base bearing signature - 'Milo' - 27.5cm tall
291Royal Doulton The Hunting Man Series ware Cabinet Plate - D6282
292Bornholm Pottery Denmark vase by L Hjorth 15cm Tall with painted fruit decoration
293Unmarked Vintage SYLVAS Style SCAREDY CAT w/ text 'Goodluck from Tallangatta'
294COALPORT English china FIGURINE - Ladies of Fashion Miss 1920 - all marks to base, a/f - 22cm H.
295Set of 6 x Vintage 1930's Tin KITCHEN CANNISTERS - Red & White colours w/ Decal labels
296Plastic Red Baron aeroplane model & ground crew
297Vintage Shorter & Son character jug - Father Neptune - 17cm
2982 x Pces Bornholm Pottery Denmark vase & beaker by L Hjorth Tallest 13.5cm with painted fruit decoration
2992 x Boxes of china incl.; part dinner set Ridgeway Shadow Rose & boxed floral Japanese coffee set
300Part WW2 tank periscope parts & pces
301Reproduction bronze 'Ballerina with raised arms' on marble base - 29.5cm
302Circa 1940's large b&w photograph of a pretty girl in a formal evening frock - The Debutant
303Australian Vietnam war M28C Periscope for APC M113A1 T50
304Vintage Australian pottery yellow wall pocket with applied flowers
305Vintage Carved classical Alabaster URN - Gilt Metal Dolphin Knob, etc.
306c1880s Aesthetic Movement stand by Copeland Spode
307WW1 British Royal Flying Corps photograph of an Observer
308Vintage framed lithograph triptych of ladies
3092 x French Victorian Majolica plates with sailing scenes
310Group including 1930s bowl, Orrefors crystal flower dish & nouveau pewter inkstand etc.
3111972 Signed Davis cup B+W photograph of Ken Rosewall & Harry Hopman, 1st Jan 1972 Signed by Rosewall with dedication to the Victorian Umpires association 'Keep your eye on the ball or is it the line.'
3122 x Vintage Australian Pottery Novelty CLOG shaped ASHTRAYS - Yellow + Green both w/ Brown speckled glaze
313WW2 Australian 25 pounder field gun dial sight No.107 Mk II
314Art nouveau pewter inkstand
3153 x Pces - HAROLD HUGHAN Australian Pottery - 2 x Tankard Mugs + Jug - all w/ Earthy toned Glazes & all signed
316Vintage painted aluminum F86 Sabre - 17cm long
317Wooden cased 1950s Smiths clock
3181950s Enamel sign for the State Savings Bank Agency
3199 x c1850s Ivory handled knives by J Nowill & Son Sheffield with Hillards Lockfast patent (1832)
320Vintage German Schatz 1000 day clock
321Vintage Italian H/Blown Glass Jug - Lovely pattern through body, fine Spiral Handle - 21cm H.
322Vintage Australian pottery Vase by Charles Drew with white interior glaze
3233 x Art Nouveau Sweets tins / canisters by John Buchanan & Bros Glasgow Tapioca, Rice & Sugar
324Vintage Zolnay Pecs (Hungary) porcelain figurine of a Bull on a base - 22cms W
325Bornholm Pottery Denmark vase by L Hjorth 17cm Tall with painted bird decoration
326H/C Book Art Nouveau & Art Deco Silver by Annelies Krekel-Aalberse
3273 x Pces - HAROLD HUGHAN Australian Pottery - all w/ Celadon Glaze - 2 x Bowls w/ wide flat rims + waisted VASE - all pces marked
328Art Deco Zolnay Pecs (Hungary) porcelain figurine of a Deer & fawn - 17cms H
329C1900 Japanese Made in Nippon with bronze glaze & Buddha handles
3301940s Australian pottery vase by Melrose pottery - blue drip glaze 24cm tall
331WW2 RAF Type 062 hand bearing compass
332WW2 German machine gun sight ZF 12 MG 08 Optic scope