Auction Catalogue - 20th July 2017

Auction Catalogue – 20th July 2017

  • Auctions held every Thursday 6 pm
  • Viewing: Wed. 10am – 6pm & Thurs. 12pm – 6pm
  • Bids accepted by phone, fax or by completing the absentee bidding form and must be submitted before 5.30pm on day of sale.
  • Payment by credit card, cheque or cash Please pay for and collect goods by Friday following auction. Late payment will incur a $10 fee.
  • 22% buyer premium + GST applies
  • 2.2% charge on Credit Card and Eftpos
  • Catalogue updated 7pm Tuesdays.


Auction Catalogue 20th July 2017


1Vintage c.1950's Laurel Kerosene 20 gallon drum with brass tap
2Chippendale style display cabinet with mirrored back and 2 x glass doors - no shelves - H:145cm
32 x Vintage hardwood armchairs
4Vintage Wrought iron standard lamp
5Vintage timber 3 tier What-Not with carved decoration on shelves.
6Victorian pine meat safe with mesh covers
7Box lot - Old Heavy Metal Brackets + Horse Harness
8Fab Vintage metal CLARK POOLS Branded POOL Step Ladder
9Box lot - Vintage & Modern Ladies Clothing - Leather PANTS, Woolen Winter Jackets, etc
10Vintage men's 3 piece black tails suit - with adjustable waisted pants, vest and jacket
11Vintage Mens LEVIS Denim Jacket - made in Australia Label, XL size
124 x Vintage 1960/70's men's SUMMER HAWAIIAN & other Shirts - all Fab Colourful designs - original Labels incl. GLOWEAVE GAY-LIFE, various sizes
13Vintage 1970's Tracksuit Top w/ ACROPOLIS DANCE Theatre Advertising to back & front, Electric Blue w/ White stripes, Xtra large size
144 x Vintage c.1960/70's men's Summer SHIRTS - Fab Bowling Shirts, Light weight Polyester & other breathable man made materials 😛 - Fab Designs, Labels, etc mainly Large size
152 x vintage women's furs incl; cream astrakhan with fur collar, etc
162 x Vintage Mens WAIST COATS - Green velvet 1950's + Tan Suede western style w/ paisley Design & press stud buttons
17Group lot - Vintage Ladies Clothing - Mainly 1960/70's Wool mix Winter Coats + 2 piece Tartan skirt suit, retro Polyester Blouse, etc - all original labels
182 x Vintage SCHOOL Blazers - Braemar College Prefect FOOTBALL + Dark Blue w/ Red & Yellow stripes
19Group lot - ladies designer silk and other clothes incl; Bariano, Laura K, Veronika Maine, etc
202 x Boxes of assorted china and glass
21Group lot incl; Eumig 8mm Film Projector + boxed modern Auto Darkening Welding Helmet and a box assorted Christmas decorations
22Group lot assorted rocks and crystals incl; Garnet dust, etc plus a students microscope
23Shelf lot assorted pottery incl; Bendigo, Wade, Capodimonte, etc plus pewter tankards, etc
24Box of items incl; toys, glass, soft toys etc
253 x boxes assorted kitchen items incl, kitchen processor, glass ware, tablecloths, plastic storage containers, wine cooler, blanket, etc
262 x Boxes - Vintage CAR shaped RADIOS & Avon car shaped Aftershave Bottles
272 x Pieces - Framed Margaret Preston Poster + old wooden Bellows
28Sherwood HiFi amplifier and cd player
29Group lot incl; Chupa Chups tins, small boxed games, etc
30Box lot assorted vintage telephones incl; rotary dial, press button and cordless
312 Boxes of crockery including Vintage Chinese bowls, Japanese trays, Lacquer ware, etc
323 x pieces ONKYO audio components incl; dvd, tuner and amplifier
332 x Boxes mixed items incl; 12" LP vinyl albums - Models, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, etc, cassette tapes, cds, assorted sew-on patches, etc
34Box of military webbing and ammo box
35Box lot - Blokey Gear - Gauges, Weights, Felt Bar Matt w/ Fringing, etc
36Vintage English angle poise desk lamp
371950s Hammertone finish Airflow ten fan by Warner Drayton Melbourne
38Cantilever steel tool Box & Contents incl; adjustable spanners, sockets etc
392 x Boxes of assorted china and glass
402 x boxes of spot lights
41Group lot incl; tins, vinyl records, ceramic jug and bowl, maps of Australia posters, etc
422 x boxes mixed items incl assorted lp vinyl records, frames , guillotine, etc
43Large box lot assorted tools and vintage lighting incl; hand tools, etc
44Metal Filing box and contents incl; epns etc
452 x Boxes of assorted items incl; DVDs, stainless steel and crockery etc
46Box of Vintage porcelain dolls
47Box of vintage tools including hammer, pliers rasps etc
48Box lot incl; Wallace and Gromit, Slide viewer, ceramic Kombi bank, etc
49Vintage Imperial Desktop typewriter
503 x Boxes of assorted items incl; Electronics manuals and magazine, electrical switches etc
51Box with 2 vintage intercom phones
522 x Pieces - Old wooden Free standing Saw CLAMP + Good trolley
53Box of Vintage porcelain dolls
54Group with 2 vintage timber ladder and assorted gardening tools and sprayer
55Group with Trestle legs, water-ski and Faulding' timber light box etc
56Contemporary 'Carson' timber veneer queen size bed with slats and matching side draws
57Box lot incl; leadlight ceiling shade, lamps, glassware, etc
582 x Boxes of books and ephemera incl; comics and magazines etc
59Vintage timber 6 draw tool chest
603 x Vintage suitcases incl; leather
612 x boxes mixed items incl; assorted board games - Mouse Trap, Master Mind, Thunderbirds, etc and assorted books - joke books, etc
62Group lot incl; folding '1st Balwyn' bench seat, pressed brass fire screens, leadlight window, stainless steel trolley, etc
63Group of mannequins incl; baby, child, etc
64Large Arlec floor fan
65Vintage red wicker sewing box with contents various knitting needles and accessories plus a box assorted dress making patterns
65.1Large group lot incl; tools, pottery, toys, etc
66Box lot mixed items incl; signed football, baseball glove, flippers, blow-up pool seats, etc
672 x pieces incl; 'as new' Monopoly - U.S. Air Force Edition and timber 'John Wayne' wall display unit
68Wallpaper sample book and box of Wallpaper
69Group lot incl; box mixed items - Avon collectables, English china, etc plus 4 x framed oil paintings
704 x Boxes of lighting parts and lamps
71Box lot of Toys , Books and Records
72Box of toys including Mondo figurines and Snoopy
73Mixed lot of board games, Marbles and Sydney Olympics Merchandise
74Box of electronics and camera equipment including modem and robot
75Small box lot assorted tools incl pulley puller, vise and assorted drill bits
764 x boxes mixed items incl; cane ware, kitchenalia, pottery and pretty china, etc
77Box with black forest German cuckoo clock
78Modern right handed clubs incl; RAC irons, Ping and Blockhead woods and Cobra bag
792 x tall tripod lamps metal and wooden legs
80Box of Assorted items including P G Dixon Lion mark Codd bottle, EPNS, wheel wreath etc
81Box of books including ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture
82Box with 2 x vintage black bakelite intercom phones
832 x boxes mixed items incl; beer glasses, wine glasses, McDonalds souvenir glasses, boxed dinner sets, etc
84Group incl; kitchenalia stereo lighting etc
852 x Boxes + Mixed Items - Hunt for Red October Video Store poster, Tools, Cigarette cases, Craft items, etc
86Commercial metal Arnos visible file drawers
87Box of vintage bottles including purple blue and green glass
882 x Boxes of hardware incl; door locks, fire grates and flat washer tins
89Blue kids toy Pram and Green rubber Waders
90Group lot incl; girl's Mongoose bike, chrome ceiling shade, 'No Motor Cycles' tin sign, ephemera, etc
91Set of red painted steel garage drawers
92Vintage timber 5 draw tool chest with brass handles
93Vintage Portable brother sewing machine in case
94Box of vintage magazines including 1960s Popular mechanics, power boat and Yachting magazines etc
95Group with 1920s steel domed trunk with wood grain paintwork globe and duffel bag
95.12 Vintage colourful plastic banna lounge
96Large WW1 Cane Basket with D /I\ D Markings
972 x pieces with large WW1 era cane basket and copper fire guard
98Guitar amp cd-100 Drive practice amp
992 x Boxes of assorted items incl; Meakin dinnerware, oil lamps, etc
100Group lot of Pictorial Society Studies including "Among the First Australians" and "This Nuclear Age"
101Box of colorful retro men's Ties and Waistcoat
1023 x packaged M&M's dispensers plus boxed Angry Birds figurines
103Schweppes soda siphon, Boon Spa soda siphon and vintage iron
104Large leather bound cash book
105Small group lot plush toys incl; Smurfs and Kraft peanut butter bears
106Bosch cordless reciprocating saw
1072 x Students violins in cases
108Group lot - retro Japanese metal like ICE BUCKET, Shovel shaped Bottle Opener & Kodak Retinette 35mm Camera
109Group lot Australian Pottery C.R. Hose - Atholl Pottery - ceramic shaving mugs
110Small group lot assorted souvenir shot glasses incl; Hard Rock Café, New Zealand, Movie World, etc
111Cased students clarinet with accessories
112Group lot Oriental items - box framed ornate silver metal snuff bottle, porcelain & metal opium pipe & pair fine porcelain vases on wooden stands
113Group lot - assorted Australian pottery incl; Jenny Mc Nabb vase, A/F Gumnut & leaf Wall Pocket, Hanging VASE/Planter, etc
114Part shelf lot of assorted glass and ceramics including Orrefors, Bergdala, etc
115Small group lot incl vintage Planet lamp, hand tools, etc
116Group of Australian army items incl; camoflauge paint, solid fuel stove, field dressing etc
1172 x Sets - Aramith SNOOKER & Pool Balls - Made in Belgium, 1 & 7/8"
1182 x Trays of EPNS flatware with floral and French shell pattern
119Box of vintage door hardware incl; large brass hinges, porcelain door knobs etc
1201970 STC red rotary dial telephone
121Box lot of Mixed items including Road maps, Ephemera,Gumbi and EON Radio playing cards
122Group of M&M dispensers incl; saxophone, golf and tin trains
123Large teak cased Thai brass flatware set
124Box of die cast cars, Hot Wheels , AFL footy cars and Micro Machines
1252 x Boxes with graduated cast iron weights and sad iron including Avery and Crane
126Box of vintage tins incl; Havelock tobacco, Dubbin Tan, Dunlop repair kit, etc
127Large shade umbrella and weighted base
128Group lot including leather armchair, coffee table and wine rack
129Pair of wingback armchairs with stripy cloth upholstery
130Framed MARGARET SULIKOWSKI (1963 - 1994) Colour Linocut - THE GREEN CHAIR - Signed & dated 1983, titled but illegible & Numbered in Pencil on Margin - 61x51cm
131Framed George Phillips 'The river' oil on board - 31cm x 39cm signed lower right
132Framed RON CARTER GREEN (1924 - ) Watercolour - THE BUSH SHACK - Signed & dated '82, lower right - 39.5x49.5cm
133Vintage framed Gracius Joseph Broinowski (1837-1913) - colour lithograph - 'Owl' - 34cm x 24cm
134Framed Robert Thomas Miller (1916-) - watercolour 'The bridge' - Signed & dated 1953, lower right - 22cm x 24.5cm
135Framed N RASMUSSEN Australian School Colour Screenprint - UNTITLED - Signed & Dated '71, lower right - 71x35.5cm
136c.1918 framed and signed Australian school watercolour 'Still Life - Roses' - 35.5cm x 26.5cm - signed but illegible and dated 1918
137Framed Damien (1972-) 'Gibudggi' aboriginal dot painting - 23cm x 33cm, signed and dated 2002 upper left, extra details verso
138Framed Ronald Millen (1922-1990) pastel - Landscape with Bridge - Signed lower right & dated 1973 - 36cm x 42cm
139Framed Louis Kahan (1905- 2002) ink and wash '2 Girls' - 32cm x 47cm - signed lower left
140Framed ARNOLD KRUMINS ( Latvian, Active 1940/50's) Oil Painting - AUTUMN RIVER - Signed lower right & dated 1949 - 38x47cm
141Framed GUNNARS KRUMINS (1925 - ) Watercolour - BUSHFIRE - Signed & dated '69, lower right - 45x60cm
142Framed Louis Kahan (1905-2002) ink and wash 'Nude' - 36.5cm x 26.5cm - signed lower right
143Framed ROBERT YOUNG (1926 - ) Watercolour - TROUBLE BREWING AT THE HORMONE INN - Signed lower right - 37x44cm
144Australian cricket team photograph The Record Breakers Signed by the whole team including Michael Slater, Both Waugh's, Shane Warne etc
145Vintage c.1950's PLUS brand mechanical calculator ADDING machine - in Original Case, Green Industrial Hammertone finish
1462 x Pairs - 1970's Stereo Headphones - both w/ Black earpieces - Phillips & Concorde brands
147Large collection assorted AFL trading cards incl; Select, AFLPA, etc
148Group lot - Chinese dinner setting featuring Children, Balinese Ebony Carvings, etc
1492 x Vintage Shipping watercolours - Tug boat by Rumley 25cm x 18 and Cruise liner Strathaird by Kelly 1958 33cm by 25cm
1503 M&Ms dispensers TV and movie spectators and teeth brushing clock
151Group of vintage china and costume jewellery
1523 M&Ms dispensers - teeth brushing Clock, Basket baller and Baseball pitcher
153Vintage Sony MDR-FM7 stereo FM headphones
154Small lot assorted BDV Cigarettes VFL trading cards incl; Mackie, Forbes, Mohr, etc plus Select pop-out card
155Group with spode plates and bowls and Arabia apple pattern pot
156Group of 1930s children's books including Toby Twirl and the Mermaid Princess
1573 x Blue and white ceramic lidded Asian pots and a coffee pot
158Group lot coloured glass incl; hand blown stemmed glasses and assorted purple glasses and jug with controlled bubbles
1592 x Victorian Myott's 'Acton' English china lidded tureens and plate
160Small group lot epns hollow ware incl; Warwick teapot, etc
160.1Large group of EPNS including as new oven to table ware boxed cutlery tc
1613 Baseball pitcher M&Ms dispensers
162Vintage Pocket Fujica 330 Zoom Camera in original box with paperwork
163Group of framed miniature Aboriginal paintings including Melaleuca Malier Bone Art
164Small group lot 12" LP vinyl albums incl; Doors, Rolling Stones and Pussycat
165Small lot - pretty Vintage Ladies items - Angelo Asti Glamour girl Postcards, lovely Jewellery Drawers, USA made compact, etc
1664 x pages assorted VFL trading cards incl; Scanlen, Stimorol, etc - Rodney Eade, Kevin Bartlett, Don Scott, etc
167Group lot assorted Holland and related china incl; Delft, tiles, etc
1683 x vintage china figurines incl; Melba Ware draught horse, horse and scotty dog
169Retro 1970's ITALIAN Bright Yellow ceramic Lidded JAR - marked to base
1703 x Australian aboriginal boomerangs one with pokerwork design
171Small Mounted FREDERICK GEORGE REYNOLDS (1828 - 1932) Watercolour - LANDSCAPE, From The Hilltop - Signed w/ Initials, lower left - 11x16cm
172Vintage Valvoline oil can with Ampol pourer top converted
1732 x pieces vintage English ceramics incl; Royal Stanley ware 'Jacobean' vase with floral decoration and small Royal Doulton 'Robin Hood' pin dish
174Framed George Phillips 'The Farmhouse' oil on board - 34cm x 49cm signed lower right
175Vintage timber pond yacht - Star Yacht, Birkenhead - 'Endeavour II' - with steel keel - 45.5cm
1762 x Pairs Vintage 1970's headphones - White & Grey colored earpieces, various brands
177Framed reproduction print 'The City of Melbourne, Australia' dated 1854 - 43cm x 62cm
178Box with 3 x WW1 steel infantry helmets
179Vintage VOLKSWAGEN headlight - Chrome surround & original mount
1802 x 1940s Naive Oil paintings Blanket through the Porthole and Hawaiian dancers both 44cm by 34cm
1812 x Vintage c.1900 STONE WARE Hot Water Bottles - one w/ Original SHARPE Bros. Stopper
182Set of 6 Franklin Mint 'Jeweled Egg' plates with stands and certificates
183Vintage Tribal carved wooden SEPIK Crocodile - Shell eyes, fine detail, approx 50cm L.
184Group lot - vintage green uranium glass incl; serving dishes and 6 x small square shaped bowls
1852 x vintage ceramic plates incl; c.1862 Minton, Denmark plate and Wedgwood 'Indian Tree' bowl with oriental design
1861940s Black Bakelite wall phone with enamel dial
1873 x vintage Carltonware Rouge Royale dishes
188c.1920's Japanese Export ware vase with 'moriage'decoration - 31cm
189Group of Australian pottery incl; Diana and Charles Wilton
190Pair of vintage tan slipcast whippet china figurines
191Group lot assorted Metallica merchandise incl; Live S**t box set, Kill em all guitar book, collectable tins with contents of cds and dvd's, etc
192Part shelf lot assorted crystal and glass incl; Kosta Boda, burner, c.1900 pressed glass, etc
193Vintage English china white vase 'Cornucopia with seahorse' - numbered to base - 25.5cm
194Small lot - retro 1970's Glass & other items - Orange Satin Glass VASE, Plates w/ Enamel decoration, etc
1953 x pieces coloured glass incl; 2 x lidded lolly jars and large art glass bowl
1965 Small M&Ms dispensers including Fan, chef etc
197Ceramic family of 3 figurines by Fred Hillier Playcraft productions
1982 x glass fronted timber wall mounted display/shadow boxes
1992 x vintage press button wall phones incl; red
200Old STM Petrol Pump Nozzle - Red plastic hand guard caked in Grease, all original markings, etc
2014 x Boxed 4 X 32v rifle scopes
202Small box of tools and assorted items including calipers, 2 brass whatsit thingys etc
203C WW1 Wooden ammunition box with push button latch
2042 x paper spikes incl; cast iron Aug Zeiss Co Shannon's patent
205Bag of vintage padlocks and keys
2062 x vintage tools incl; 'Primus' burner and cased 'Probator' speed indicator
207Group of vintage tins including tobacco, digestive tablets and corn caps etc
2082 x vintage hardware incl; Columbia spring loaded hinge and c.1900 decorative cast iron door lock with key
2093 x Pieces - BEATLES Magical Mystery Tour w/ Both 45rpm records, master Apprentices REEL to REEL Tape in original Box + THE HENCHMEN Rockin Robin EP
210Group of tools including brass fire extinguisher, oiling cans, blow torch etc
2113 x Pieces - Post War Australian Pottery - Dyson Corroboree Vase, Guy Boyd pot + small Green Vase
212Bag of vintage padlocks with original keys
2132 x Vintage ceramic ADVERTISING Trays - Bovril + Liberty SEA FOAM WAFERS
214Group of 4 carved Aboriginal spirit totem animals including pokerwork dog
215Vintage Honer Melodica piano 26
216Small group lot assorted 'as new' die cast cars incl; Siku, Matchbox, etc plus a plastic wind-up sports car
2174 x M&M dispensers including gumball machines and boxed gumball
218Mounted signed Photograph of Alan Border Australia highest Test run scorer
2192 Vintage board games including Air Charter and World Jet flight game
220Group of small aboriginal items including miniature didgeridoo, painted totemic rocks, etc
221Small group lot vintage Dana Gibson designed GIBSON GIRL postcards
222Small group lot vintage style Pin-Up girl trade cards incl; Elvgren, Moran, Varga, etc
223Group lot assorted pearls incl; black, baroque, sea pearls, etc
224Vintage 1960-70s American travel destination Bumper stickers
2252 x Vintage plumb bobs brass and steel both monogrammed
226Tray of small tools including brass level for a ruler, pair of miniature Fairfax Australiamulti grips, plumb bob etc
227Box of 1990 Topps baseball cards
228Small group lot incl; vintage WWF 'Titan Sports' trading cards, WCW 'Panini' postcards, 2 x jars marbles and Matchbox M.O.Y die-cast truck
229Group of pocket watch parts and pieces
2303 x items incl; Sony walkman cassette player and walkman af/ fm radio
231Bag of vintage padlocks and keys
2323 x vintage tins incl; 'Nugget' shoe polish and Champion spark plugs tin with spark plug
2332 x Vintage brass plumb bobs both monogrammed CT
2343 Franklin mint pocket knives Cadillac and Thunderbird
2352 x vintage spoke shave incl; Stanley No.67 adjustable, etc
236Group of Aboriginal items including miniature coolamon, clapping sticks with pyrography and dot painted designs
237Group lot assorted gents cufflinks and accessories
238Group of vintage apple and pear box labels
239Tray of vintage costume jewellery
240Small group lot vintage book plates and ephemera incl; R.H. Croll, H.C. Renkin, etc
241Large EPNS flatware set for 18 people plus servers with decorated French shells and c scrolls
242Group with 1930s pokerwork vase, 2 aluminum baking moulds and a frame
243Group of Rectangular industrial style tin canisters
2442 x Bottles Vintage CLOCK OIL - c.1900 J D WINDLES + another in Cylindrical Case
245Group lot - vintage costume jewellery incl; glass, stone bead, shell necklaces, coin bracelet, etc
2462 x Sterling silver dressing table brushes with blue guilloche enamel
2472 x Victorian photo lockets gold plated and pinchbeck
248Vintage Australian Arcansas costume jewellery necklace - green glass balls set in silver toned stylised leaf design.
249Boxed EPNS Christofle beaker
250Group lot - ladies vintage costume jewellery incl, assorted coloured glass bead necklaces incl, green, black blue, etc
251Vintage enamel card bracelet and Portuguese charm bracelet with 925 lock
252Group lot - Costume JEWELLERY Animal Brooches & Pins - Plastic deco style Scotty Dogs, Gilded Fly w/ Jewelled Eyes & Body, Cobra, etc
253Group lot assorted 'Hard Rock Café' pins, badges and keyrings
2542 x Low purity Asian silver boxes Sparrow, Rabbit and baby bird
255Small box lot assorted casino chips incl; Crown, Burswood, Stardust - Las Vegas, Flamingo Hilton, etc
256Boxed 'as new' Smart Phone Watch with charging cord and instructions
2573 x items - vintage Siam silver bangle, 70's s/plated bracelet and large buckle
258Painted and Carved Aboriginal and Yirrikala Dugong figurine
259Vintage Papua New Guinea Hair comb
260Small group lot vintage jewellery incl; rose gold plated brooch with sea pearls, marcosite earings and sterling silver 'tree of life'
2612 x vintage cases Fau and real tortoise shell
262Victorian lorgnette with tortoise shell handle on chain
263Group lot - vintage costume jewellery incl, crystal and rhinestone necklaces, blue glass bracelet, earring, etc
2642 x Victorian FOB chains incl. ladies beaded Mourning with silver fittings and long link silver plated fob chain with small Australian enamel medallion
265Vintage Lapis Lazuli graduated bead necklace
266Group of jewelry including 9ct gold Kookaburra brooch
267Vintage Australian tobacco tin Westover squares by BAT 2oz circular tin
2682 x smoking items cigar cutter and chrome plated 1950s Arlington desk lighter
269Victorian spring assisted cage corkscrew
270Vintage Celluloid and chrome Advertising vest case for Gordon Bros Ballarat
2711981 Russian Silver mustard pot
2722 x Low purity Asian silver boxes Duck and Turtle
273Vintage Moran & Cato Sample tea tin
274Miniature violin plane by Goodwood Australia "Tiny Town Plane"
275Miniature Baby Vanaloy spanner 7.5cm long
276Group of pocket watches incl; gold plated and sterling silver men's and ladies watches
2772 x smoking items including amber and gold and amber cigar holder
278Victorian EPNS Vesta case
279C1900 Watch key from Dunklings Melbourne
280 Art Nouveau 800 silber match case
281Ladies pocket watch in 10 Karat gold case by the American watch company
2821905 Hallmarked London 18 karat Gold pocket watch wiggly hands and flowers in multi coloured gold on gold plated chain with 2 watch keys and silver coins and charms
283c1900 full sized German violin marked Hopf to the rear
284Pair c.1910 framed watercolours W.Payne - 'Egyptian scenes' both signed and with oval mounts
285c.1930's Myott 'Kathleen' 44 piece English china dinner set - setting for 6 plus serving plate and tureen
28620 pces. Aynsley bone china part tea set - pink rose floral spray to centre with gold trim and pattern - incl. 5 trios (1 cup missing) , cake plate, jug & basin
287Small group lot costume jewellery incl; Murano glass, Fossil necklace, MOP tribal, etc
2882 x pieces vintage Sylvac english china incl; small 'Boy with basket' planter and display sign
2892 x Pieces - 1970's Smoked Glass - French Sunburst Platter + Large Shaped Bowl w/ Hollow Interior
290Heavy mid-century blue glass vase with raised decoration to base
2912 x Pieces - Vintage Milt Glass - Unusual Footed Bowl w/ Pierced Edge + Tankard w/ Pub Scene
2923 x pieces vintage WMF silver plated coated ceramic coffee set plus tray
293Vintage Shorter and Son character jug 'Father Neptune' - 17cm
294Large Australian pottery vase by Bendigo pottery in brown and green glaze
2951970's Australian Studio Pottery Teapot - Earthy toned glazes to body & Green Glaze to lid, signed w/ Impressed Monogram to base
2962 x pieces Jahre Rosenthal, Germany decorative ceramic plate and vase
297Vintage metl Betel Motor Car with hinged internal section with trays
298Vintage Carnival glass nappy bowl with pinched edges - 16cm diameter
299Acid etched Art Nouveau light shade with Registered Design number patent rd 375100
3003 x wooden a resin Asian figurines - 2 reclining figures and Buddha with hands up
301Vintage Composite profile of an Aboriginal mounted on board
302Victorian milk glass lustre with hand painted gilt decoration
3033 x Blue and white Asian pots with food dog handles and gilded rims
304Victorian cast-iron crimping device
305Heavy brass 'Lock Heed Hudson' plane
306WWII British Webley & Scott No1 Mk III Flare Gun Pistol Leather Holster
307Limited edition R. David Hill linocut print on paper - 'Vanessa' - 46cm x 21cm with mount
308Victorian Cast iron gas fireplace heater - 35cm tall
309Reproduction bronze figure 'Guan Yin with dragon' - 49cm
310Thompson & Bushness Bachelder Adjustable spring Steam Pressure indicator and reducing wheel in box with accessories and instructions
311Framed Vintage Oriental Tapestry with metallic Threadwork - 2 Men in Pagoda with Animals & Flowers - 67x37cm
312Large Bristol dining setting pattern name Amberone with multi coloured flowers
3132 x oriental soap stone carvings - reclining figure and vase
3142 x ceramic Aboriginal warriors plate and wall plaque
31521 piece Royal Albert tea set with all over floral chintz pattern, gold trim
316Boxed pair of .925 Sterling silver photo frames in box
317c1920 Illustrated catalogue of keys, key blanks, lock springs etc publ Wolverhampton : Whitehead Bros
3181931 AWA pyramid phone with porcelain dial
319Small Bing and Grondhal, Germany white china figurine - '#2264 boy with leaves' - 10.5cm
320c1960 Beswick brown Horse (mod. 855) 15cms H
321Vintage SYLVAC English china figure - Prowling FOX - marked to base - 17cm L.
322Vintage Beswick English china #812 'Sleeping Scotty with Drum' - 9cm
323Australian 1930s squat pot with blue glaze
324Vintage c.1930's Japanese AWAJI Pottery AVASE - Lovely Green Glaze - Traditional shape w/ waisted neck, all marks to base - 21.5cm H.
325Vintage Italian Glass vase with bulbous base and thin neck decorated olive green stripes
326Large Vintage 1930's Japanese AWAJI Pottery VASE - Blood Red Glaze, Round base with long Straight Cylinder Neck, marked to base - 32.5cm H.
327c.1923 Carnival glass master bowl 'Kookaburra' - Rd. 4184 - 24cm
328Vintage 1930's Japanese AWAJI Pottery VASE - Classical shape w/ Twin Handles from bottom to top, Frilled Neck, marked to base - 18cm H.
329Lovely JUDITH MILES 1937 Australian Pottery LAMP - Raised Flower & Leaf Design w/ Pink & purple glazes, Incised Signature to base & dated 1937