Auction Catalogue – 24th October 2019

  • Auctions held every Thursday 6 pm
  • Viewing: Wed. 10am – 6pm & Thurs. 12pm – 6pm
  • Bids accepted by phone, fax or by completing the absentee bidding form and must be submitted before 5.30pm on day of sale.
  • Payment by credit card, cheque or cash Please pay for and collect goods by Friday following auction.
  • Late payment will incur a $10 fee.
  • 22% buyer premium + GST applies
  • 1.1% charge on Credit Card and Eftpos
  • Catalogue updated 7pm Tuesdays.
1ART DECO Chrome pedestal SIDE TABLE with mottled green and cream BAKELITE banded detail on central section - approx 51cm H, 40cm D
2Auto Trolley - Dark Stained timber, Castors, drop down hinged sides approx 74cm H, 75cm L, 49cm W
3Vintage Dexter rocking chair with tapestry upholstery and framed tapestry of idyllic waterfall scene
4Set of 3 Oriental Timber Wall Mount lights with white Perspex liners 36cm H af
5ART DECO Chrome and Bakelite Smokers Stand incl Knobbed lid, crack to Bakelite rim Approx 65cm H
6Small lot vintage hardwood occasional furniture and a light fitting
7Group Lot Ladies VINTAGE Beaded Evening Bags - Art Deco Style incl Black and Silver Beaded Bag
8Small box lot vintage and modern foreign currency and commemorative coins and medallions
9Box lot - red Shaeffer Italic fountain pen, costume jewellery, chains, small leather pouch, guard key ring, Edwardian photograph, bracelets etc
11Small lot CLOISONNE and WADE figurines - inc DISNEY characters etc
124 x Gents Sports watches - Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY (working), Jag, Shark (working)
13Group Lot - Lamps incl 3 x Gooseneck ( 1x vintage) and Table Lamp - Gold tone base with Shade
14Box lot BUDERIM GINGER Ginger beer w pear cans and MIST WOOD GIN w Orange and bitters
15Group Lot LADIES summer shoes, size 3940 incl Holster, Witchery, Chinese Laundry - some New
16Group Lot LADIES CLOTHING incl Versace Pants , Caf Latte Tops, Nicola Berti USA Black Leather Jkt S12, Condotti Blk Leather Jacket S12 etc some with s
17Vintage Retro Men's c1970's Polyester BOWLING SHIRT - Pale Mint Green w white patterned front, pocket to breast, medium size
18Genuine HARD ROCK CAF LONDON jacket with leather sleeves
19Full length LAMBS WOOL overcoat, RODEX of LONDON Lining damage sighted
20Vintage KARATE Top - original iron on name RICHARD to breast, sew on Patches incl ROMAN NEUBACHER SAMURAI, RED DRAGONS 1ST GENERATION, etc - Black & g
21Vintage Mens FENDER GUITAR Shirt - Fender The Collection by Da Vinci label, made in Korea featuring various FENDER STRATOCASTER Guitars to lower secti
22Small lot women's clothing - inc ALPACA jumper, retro colourful tie jacket and hats etc
23Box lot premixed UDL cans Inc Vodka pineapple, Scotch cola etc
24Box lot STAR WARS comics and books - inc READ-ALONG BOOK AND RECORD bookrecord sets w vinyl records, big selection of Star Wars DARK HORSE COMICS, Aud
25Group lot - assorted items inc, black pained metal chest, gardening gear, concreting implements, tool boxes, chains, brackets, etc
26Group Lot incl 2 x Cane Laundry Baskets, Large Cream Crocheted Blanket, Brass Jardinire, Xmas Items
27Large Framed Modern Print Paris at night - 100cm H 140cm W
28Group lot kitchenalia - inc plastic and tin Colourful retro storage canisters
293 x Pieces of Vintage Stereo Equipment - inc ELAC MIRACORD 50H turntable & Pair of Fischer Xp-6b floor speakers made in Long Island
30Seeburg PA Speaker Horn with bracket attachments - 45cm D
31Group lot beer - inc 2 x cartons IRON JACK LAGER cans and box of German JACOBINUS pilsener
32Box lot hand tools - inc RASPS, LOPPERS, SAWS etc
33Large group lot - inc Vintage trophies, vintage suitcases, wine rack etc
34Vintage Audio Equip incl SANSUI Auto Drive Turntable and Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Peak Speakers and Group lot of 45's and LP's Vinyl Records
35Group Lot incl Box and Hard Case & Section of Train Line incl Black & White Whiskey, White metal framed Mirror, Cast Iron Shoe Last
36Group lot - Art related items inc, air brush hand piece, compass set, pastels, crayons, acrylic paints, art carry folders, etc
373 x boxes mixed China - inc Mugs, Glasses, Vases etc
383 x box lot mixed items - inc Vintage home sewn FITZROY FOOTY CLUB flag and FOSTERS BEACH UMBRELLA etc
392 box lot vinyl LP records - inc LOUIS ARMSTRONG, STATUS QUO, SHERBET, SLIM DUSTY etc
40STAR WARS - Group Lot incl Queen Amidala 199 Portrait Edition, Jar Jar Binks, Talking Watch, etc
41Box lot vintage car parts - inc PONTIAC horn rings, Holden tail light, chromed circular side mirrors etc
42Approx 7 x Star Wars block mounted posters Episode 1 with images of assorted characters and scenes, approx 91cm H 61cm L
43Box lot military reference books
44Group lot - assorted items inc, vintage orange metal esky, gardening gear - tap attachments, sprinklers, wine rack, electronic items, fishing related,
45STAR WARS x 1 Box incl Star Wars Model Kit Ep 1, DVD's, Money Box, Boxed Star Wars Glasses, Puzzles etc
462 x Vintage Standard Lamps 1930's style with turned columns and original shades
47Box lot incl English China, Biarritz plate, English Teapot, Pottery etc
48STAR WARS - Group Lot - The Power of the Force and Silver Anniversary incl Dagobah with Yoda, Complete Galaxy, Tatooine with Luke Skywalker etc, All o
49Group lot AUDIO VISUAL gear - inc NATIONAL combined TVDIGITAL CLOCKRADIO model CS1768N, HMV NIPPERGRAM, Speakers etc
50Decommissioned VR (Vic Rail) signal light
514 x Boxed Blokey items incl Saws - Drum Pumps Drill bits, various tools etc
522 x Super comfy retro style vinyl swivel barstools
533 x Vintage Stereo equipment incl Vintage AKAI Solid State M-10 reel to reel recorder & Pair of Sonic Speakers
54Large Vintage Heavy Cast & Wrought metal STREET LAMP base - Scrolly designs around central column, no top
55Group Lot incl Vintage Timber folding rocking Chair with Velvet upholstery seat & back, carved detail and Timber Coffee Table with Eastern inlay 40cm
56Small lot AUDIO EQUIPMENT - inc TECHNICS SL-B2 turntable, TEAC integrated Amplifier AS-M50
57Assorted vintage audio visual gear Inc Reel to reel player, projector and assorted 8mm film ephemera
58Group lot - inc Blue Vinyl covered cushions and box lot mainly bike lights and electronics etc
59STAR WARS - EPISODE 1, Group Lot MIB incl The Final Lightsaber Duel, Electronic Comm Tech Reader, Transportable R2-D2 etc
60Group lot mixed items - inc Vintage car radios, transportable mini TV's and transistor radios, PHILIPS Electrical Engineer kits, projector etc
60.13 x Box lot mixed items - inc Glassware, curtain rod brackets, light fittings and shades etc
61Large group lot large Vintage oil tins Brands include BP, CASTROL, AMOCO and R&T Approx 8 pcs
62Group lot - inc metal tool box ammo crate and 2 x vintage wooden tea boxes with contents
632 x boxes mixed gear - Garfield and other comic books, vintage SUNTORY Whiskey bottle, reference books, military vest etc
64Large mixed lot - inc Childs Wicker Rocking Chair, Vintage 12 KMART BRANDED TORQUE WRENCH with original packaging etc
653 box lot Airforce related ephemera- inc scale models (varying degrees of completion), posters etc
66Box lot with figural decanter, framed pictures and assorted dolls clothing etc
67Box lot vinyl LP records and books - inc vintage books 'HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN PICTURES' and 'THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY' LP's mainly classical and 80's
68Box lot vintage and retro lights, radios and clocks - inc LUXO LAMP, ASTOR 8 TRANSISTOR, VOXSON Record Transistor etc
69Box lot VFL and AFL ephemera - inc Vintage RICHMOND FC GUERNSEY, VINTAGE ESSENDON FC Scrap Book filled with newspaper articles from the '70s, Vintage
70Box lot mixed items - inc Vintage electric transformer and a dynamo, ST KILDA Footy club flag and hat, Playing cards etc
71Small lot toys - inc Vintage dolls wardrobe suitcase, boxes of toy cars and books etc
72Box lot STAR WARS colouring, puzzle books and magazines etc
73Small box lot WWE, Movie and Music related T-Shirts
74Box lot Gaming, music and other magazines
75Group lot STAR WARS - inc Power of the Force IMPERIAL AT-ST (Scout Walker) MIB, T-Shirts and socks in original packaging etc
76Group lot bag and 3 boxes mixed items - inc vintage dolls, assorted tourism badges and pins, stubby coolers etc
77Group Lot Vintage items incl Elcon Aqua Enamel FAN, SALTER Bathroom Scales pre Metric, Timber box etc
78Box lot vintage and modern toy cars, trucks and heavy machinery etc
79Small box - inc vintage decanter from RAAF - RICHMOND AIRBASE Sergeants Mess and WAR related books, photographs, videos and postcards
80Box lot - Small lot vintage ephemera - inc receipts from around the world, European travel and theatre brochures
81Box lot STAR WARS GOLDEN BOOKS Colouring books and sticker sheets etc
822 x box lots mixed China, Kitchenware and framed pictures etc
832 x Box lot books and other items - inc Military related, reference, photo albums and other items
84Approx 4 x framed Star Wars posters inc, Episode 1 images and photo mosaics of Jedi Master Yoda and Darth Vader, assorted sizes
85Decommissioned VR (Vic Rail) signal light
86BOX, Super Hero Items incl Comics, Sticker Books, Colouring Books, etc
87Group lot - inc Vintage KNAPSACK FIREFIGHTING UNIT and set of Vintage grain scales
89Tub of vintage INDOOR CARPET BOWLS
90Group lot mixed items - inc Large orange container and contents, standing floor lamp, light box, nest of occasional tables etc
90.1Box lot PS3 games and DVD television series - inc RED DWARF, THE WIRE, BLACK BOOKS etc
91Box lot mixed items AND generator - box inc Hurricane generator, Dewalt battery charger, bike tyres etc
92Group lot AUSTRALIAN POTTERY - inc large vase Image of wading birds amongst reeds Blue and Brown glaze Alfred John (Jack) JACKMAN 1911-2006 Signed to
93Box lot mainly kitchenalia - inc Vintage SUNBEAM Mixmaster complete with glass mixing bowls and SUNBEAM blender Assorted kitchen gear and old pokie ma
942 x Boxes Assorted items incl Boxed Chrome Tap Ware, Timber Carvings, Clocks, Tins, Caps etc
95Box of STAR WARS Apparel, incl T- Shirts (various designs and sizes), Ties, Caps, Socks - Most new with Swing Tags and Labels attached
96Large scratch built radio controlled plane F18 HORNET with box of parts inc K-SERIES MASTER AIRSCREW propeller (SANS CONTROLLER) etc Approx 150cml
972 x Boxes of Assorted MacDonald Toys of various themes in original packaging
98Group lot - Lamps, lights, old 60's Frost brand Fan w Hammertone finish
99Small box lot CDs, DVD's and Poster - inc NEW ORDER, PUBLIC ENEMY, THE CURE, THE WHITE STRIPES etc
100Small box lot mixed items - inc retro kitchen timers, vintage glass measuring jug, assorted spanners and sockets with drivers etc
101Large group lot STAR WARS Promotional Items incl 1 x Box promotional Candy containers, Small Action figures etc 1 x Box Star Wars Empty Can Cubes (3)
102Group Lot incl 2 x Retro Standard Lamps & Shades, Retro Coffee Table, Timber & Black Glass & 1 Timber Clear Glass
103Group lot audio gear - inc box of vinyl LP records (HOOTERS, DOOBIE BROTHERS, BENSON etc) Keylock SAFE with KEYS, speaker etc
104Vintage upholstered dressing table stool and framed velvet embroidery
105STAR WARS - 1 Box DARTH MAUL items incl Costume with Lightsaber, folders, caps, books etc
1062 x Framed prints, Girl with Kitten and Spanish flamingo dancer serenade scene
107Early 1900's vintage GILBERT mantle clock Faux marble decorative paintwork with ornate metalwork feet Plaque on front reads 'KEW BOWLING CLUB 19034'
108c1930's Vintage Metal Lamp with ornate detailed base, flexible goose neck approx 46cm H
109Vintage 1930's ART DECO Diana Lamp - Chrome Nude Female holding original Glass Flame Shade above head, working
110c1927 - Frister and Rossmann Model E Serial No 1681625 Manual Sewing Machine with original Case - made for THE MYER EMPORIUM LTD with ornate Gold Egyp
111ECM GIOTTO commercial quality Coffee Machine with assorted extras
112Group Lot - DC CHESS COLLECTION - Original Packaging - Comic Chess pieces incl Katana, Commissioner Gordon, Batwing Black Bat etc approx 10cm
113Box lot of Reference BOOKS incl Cigarette Card Values, CARTER'S Price Guide to Antiques in Australasia 20010203, Coins, Banknotes, Soldiering On The A
115Small group lot boxed toy cars models SIGNATURE MODELS 1934 Aston Martin MarkII BRITISH TRANSPORT CLASSICS Bedford Flatbed Truck etc
116Box Lot Mint Carded Star Wars Copies - Attack of the Clones - Carded
117Group lot Children's toys - inc Electronic Dual Bladed LASER SWORDS, STAR COPS - ELECTRONIC LIGHT SABER etc
118Group lot HC and SC STAR WARS books Character Encyclopedias, Novels etc
119Large wooden light up ADVERTISING sign CACTUS Alcoholic Fruit Crush Approx 57 cmh x 41cmw
120Group lot mainly English China and glass - inc Pink depression glass bowl, Crown Ducal and Johnson Brothers plates and bowls etc
121RANCILIO Coffee Grinder Model ROCKY NO DOSER
122HC bound volume RAF FLYING REVIEW with really cool adverts throughout Ca late 1950's
123Group Lot of Ladies accessories - 34 black leather gloves, Pin brooches, Diamante brooches and Pair of Metal Curtain Tiebacks
124Group lot crystal and glassware - inc wine and cocktail glasses, vase and jug etc
125Group Lot Incl 2 x Belleek Vases both AF , 1 x Basket weave with raised Floral detail 15cm, 1 x Vase with Clam Shell pattern detailed in pink 19cm H,
126Group Lot Assorted items incl Royal Worcester boxed small ramekins, Boxed Wedgwood Sweet Dish, Small Paladin Clock, Austrian Royal Dux Vase, Silverpla
127Group lot - Victorian Porcelain Miniatures & other items - pairs Mini Vases, Jugs, etc, Ruby Flash cut Vase, etc
128STAR WARS - VINTAGE Books Magazines incl Star Wars Annual No 1, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Story Book
129Beswick SPANIEL figurine - Matt Golden Version on Ceramic Plinth, Model 2980 approx 21cm H 29cm L
130Group Lot incl, Early Myott Coffee Pot, Milk Jug and Sugar bowl, Delftware with floral detail tray, pair of Vintage bookends, lady playing flute and l
131Small box lot - mostly novelty light houses inc, wooden, resin, etc
132Group Lot incl Glass Comport with frilled edge, Brass Vases etc
133Small box lot - inc Vintage bottle openers, Ice cream scoops and glass marbles
134Group lot - inc ROYAL ALBERT ornaments, vintage timber hand carved box and small box GROSVENER ivorine handled knives and forks
135Small box lot mixed items - inc tools, watches, novelty keyrings, clock radio iPod docking station etc
136Box lot incl Ruby Stemmed Cherry Glasses, Awan Teapots, EPNS ornate engraved Spoons and Cake Forks etc
137Small mixed lot - inc ceramic, stone, metal and wooden figurines, WATERFORD CRYSTAL glasses etc
138Small lot ACTION FIGURES - inc Spiderman, Batman, SPAWN figures etc
1393 x vintage bound ledgers (LETTER BOOK)
140Group lot of RETRO incl Set of four HORNSEA England 1973 (Safron) Cannisters 11cm to 20cm and Retro Lamp with Shade Mustard and Brown raised detail 52
141Small group lot - inc Vintage livestock ID tattoo, oil tins, vintage military belt etc
142Small box lot MATCHBOX CARS and others with assorted action figures etc
143Box Lot Toys - inc tin train, Vintage Greedo Star Wars, Robot 33cm H, Overland Express 3250 Train AF, Cast Goat figure, Circus Whistle etc
1442 pcs ONKYO AV RECEIVER HT-R391 and framed RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS presentation
145ART DECO timber door with acid etched glass panel
146Tall vintage Queen Anne style BLACKWOOD pedestal
147ART DECO Glass Panel - Art Deco font detail - Entrance 115cm H 63cm W
148Arts & Crafts Oak Timber Shelf, Club feet inlay detail 30cm H
149STAR WARS - 1 x Box, Carded Power of Force and Power of the Jedi Action Figures
1502 x pcs - STAR WARS - Skateboard and children's bicycle '30cm Pavement cycle'
151Retro Blonde Wood Coffee Table - 42cm H, 91cm L
152Handmade upcycled Skateboard Table made with used parts incl 80's wheels, board and stickers, Swing out bottle opener, Signed verso
153RETRO Original Orange KARTELL Nest of 3 Stacking Side Tables, largest 41cm H x 44cm D
154Retro Lime Green Planet Lamp approx 85cm H
1554 x vintage retro swivel bar stools, Chromed legs and foot rests with red vinyl upholstery (damage sighted)
156Large Gilt Framed JOHN LEO BORRACK ( 1933 - ) Watercolour - ROCK CORES & PLAIN, DAJARRA NW Qld - Signed & Dated '86, lower right, further signed Title
157Framed JUDITH M PERREY (1927 - 2016) Oil Painting - WATTLE by the YARRA - Signed & Dated '96, lower left, further signed & titled on MSWPS Exhibition
158Large IAN LEWIS (Australian, Active c19802000's) Oil Painting - CENTRAL AUSTRALIA - Signed lower right - 60x86cm
159Gilt Framed LOUIS KAHAN (1905 - 2002) Ink & Wash - IL PRADO - Signed & Titled, lowers right & left - 375x54cm
160Framed JUDITH M PERREY (1927 - 2016) Oil Painting - REFELCTIONS, PATE DAM - Signed lower left, further signed & titled verso - 595x445cm
161Gilt Framed c1930's Japanese watercolour & Gouache - THE TEMPLE - Signed lower left - 49x32cm
162Gilt Framed ca 1919 Australian School watercolour - Coastal scene - unsigned, dated 2711919 lower left Approx 17cmh x 245cmw
163Large Modern Oil Painting - THE BIG BANG - Signed Gibson de Araiya Corta, lower right - 695x105cm
164STAR WARS x 2 - MIB Monopoly, 1 x Saga Edition - 1 x Limited Collector's Edition
165Group Lot Blokey Items incl Pope Oil Tin, Cast Iron Cauldron handled bowl & ladle, Small set of balance Scales with weights
166Group lot incl Golf Putting Set, Machine Cat and Dog, Maisto Shell Formula 1 Ferrari Model Car - All Boxed
167Group lot of English Toby Jugs incl2 x Sylvac approx 10cm H, 2 x Shorter Hayseed 14cm H, The Fisherman 95cm
168Group lot of Pottery incl Diana drip glaze vase, Stoneware Jar and small textured Vase
169Small lot vintage ENDI BLYTON Famous Five HC books - inc Five go to Demons' Rocks, Five Get Into A Fix etc
1703 x cool 70's sun visor caps with elastic bands - small damage sighted
171Green GLASS Genie Bottle with original fitted stopper, dimple finish - approx 56cm H
1723 x STAR WARS - MIB - Episode 1 - Interactive Talking Bank, Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks Wake-Up System 56cm
173Group Lot - X-FILES - Carded - The Action Figures SERIES 1, incl Agent Mulder, Agent Scully, Fireman etc
174Group Lot Ladies Items incl Vintage Cosgrove Beasley Bag, box costume jewellery incl brooches etc
175Group lot of Aboriginal Items incl Albert Namatjira Souvenir Portfolio, Terra Ceramics Aust Oval Bowl with motif to centre, Triumph of the Nomads by G
176STAR WARS 2 x MIB Series Alpha Action Fleet, Imperial At-At, X-Wing Starfighter
177AUSTRALIAN Pottery x 3 incl Janet Gray 1950's blue glazed Vase 14cm H, signed and 2 x Sylha Pottery incl Orange bowl with central raised detail and Ju
178English China incl, J&G Meakin, dishes - There'll always be an England and Mug Featuring Noddy - Tessie Bear does the shopping
179STAR TREK - Boxed - Federation the First 150 Years - Illustrated hardback Volume in a pedestal display complete with lights, push button etc
180Vintage One sheet MOVIE POSTER for THE SHOWOFF starring RED SKELTON
181Group lot Australian 45rpm Vinyl record singles - inc GOLDEN FLEECE TOP HITS records (Ray Pilgrim, The Jaybirds, The Activators etc), Skippy Theme Son
182Vintage Australian made EPNS Tea & Coffee Service - Pots, sugars, creamers, etc - all marked w Boomerang & Georgian EPNS S&S to bases
1833 x SPAWN - Carded & Boxed Action Figures incl Special Edition Goddess, Spawn the Black Heart, Viper King
184TRADING CARDS - MIB - HOT SURF - Collector Cards 1995 - Original Point of Sale Packaging
185Small lot 80's items - inc KODAK DISC 3100 camera, TOMY wind up PACMAN toys, COMMONWEALTH BANK of AUSTRALIA plastic Mr BUNYIP moneybox
186Vintage vinyl covered RECORD BAG filled with THE BEATLES 45rpm vinyl single records - inc I Wanna Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, Can't Buy Me Love etc
187Pair of vintage khaki canvas lace up GAITORS
188Group lot of AUSTRALIAN Studio Pottery Earthy Glazed tones incl Drip Glaze GreenBlue Vase, Textured Vases, Square Platter etc, Some Signed
189Camera bag with vintage and modern MINOLTA CAMERA bodies and lenses - inc MINOLTA 7000 and MINOLTA HI-MATIC 9 with MINOLTA 75-300 f45-56 Macro zoom an
190Box lot - heaps of 2000 Sydney Olympics carded pins badges - assorted shapes sports and motifs
191WWE - Group Lot - Carded - Action Figures 18cm H incl Batista, Undertaker, Big Show etc
193Small lot AUSTRALIAN CAR RACING ephemera - inc HDT (Holden Dealer Team) Stubby coolers, Australian Gran Prix and SANDOWN lanyards and tickets
194TRADING CARDS - MIB - Chris Achilleos - Angels and Amazons - Fantasy Art TRADING CARDS in Original Point of sale packaging
195Group lot Blues and Jazz related vinyl LP records - inc RAY CHARLES, TONY BENNETT, LENA HORNE, JERRY LEE LEWIS etc
196Small lot vintage wood and metal items - inc Wrought copper crumb tray, ice-pick Standard No9, hand wrought viper and receipt spike
1972 x Vintage Cameras inc - Rondine Ferrania Linear 75 , and KODAK BROWNIE TWIN REFLEX Cameras
198Small lot - THE BEATLES LP vinyl records inc - Rubber Soul, Beatles for Sale, Revolver, Abbey Road and Sgt Peppers
199WWE - Carded - Chris Benoit Action figure, Series 1, Havoc Unleashed JAKKS 2005
200Small lot audio equipment - inc BOXED AIWA Walkman, TOSHIBA and PHILIPS Walkman radios etc
200.1Small lot Australian release vinyl LP records - inc PSYCHEDELIC LOLLIPOP Blues Magoos, THE ASTRONAUTS Everything is A-OK and INTRODUCING THE BEAU BRUM
200.2LOONEY TUNES - Carded Create A Scene Collection incl Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Gas-House Gorilla,
200.3AUSTRALIAN Pottery x 4 Teapots, signed incl 3 with bamboo handles, earthy tones and 1 x blue green tone with central front detail
200.42 x vintage confectionery tins Round MYER STORE with image of dogs and hinged rectangular tin with The Draughts Players painting depicted on the lid
201Vintage MECANO 4 boxed set Instruction book present, some parts may be missing
202Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo detailed with animal motifs incl platypus etc 98 5 cm L
203Carved SEPIK MASK (New Guinean Tribal Mask) decorated with feathers, resin, shells and painted with ochre tones Damage sighted
204STAR WARS x 2 - MIB Monopoly - Saga Edition & Original Trilogy
205STAR WARS x 2 - MIB - Star Wars LEGO Brickmaster Set - Saga Edition Chess Set
206Group of Herd of Ebony elephants various sizes & Timber lidded bowl with elephant detail - Elephants 18 5cm to 7 5cm H
207Group lot - STAR WARS ephemera inc Original pressing Vinyl LP records Soundtracks and The Story of Records, STAR WARS and OTHER GALACTIC FUNK BY MECO
208Group lot - Vinyl LP records - inc Copulatin' Blues Vol 1, EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Wasa Wasa, CHUCK BERRY The London Sessions, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS Chil
209Original Vintage Oil Lamp, detailed central section - 44cm H
210Aboriginal Artefacts incl Green coloured Adze head, 2 x Grinding stones, Carved and detailed animal figure
211WWE - Group Lot Boxed Eddie Guerrero 35cm Poseable Action Figure, and 1 x box Wrestling Tattoos
212Small lot carved wooden items - inc TRIBAL MASK, carved BUDDHA reliefs etc
213Group lot vinyl LP records - inc DO RE MI, NENA, ICEHOUSE, U2 etc
214STAR WARS - MIB - Group Lot incl Bobble Buddies, General Grievous, Clone Trooper, R2-D2 and Mr Potato Head - Spudtrooper
2152pcs Vintage brass GASOLIER with wall bracket intact and decorative vintage brass and timber door handle
216Vintage Stained Pine Square Children's Xmas Treat Money Box - approx 15cm H
217Group Lot incl 3 x Paperweights with coloured central infusion detail and Water Jug with gold detail
2183 pcs vintage CARLTON WARE embossed serving bowls and plates
219XENA Warrior Princess - 3 x Carded Action Figures incl Harlem Xena, Velasca, Autolycus
220Artist Teddy Bear, Steiff like, jointed - approx 43cm L
221Group Lot of Modern AUSTRALIAN pottery some signed including 2 x Glazed Wall plaques with brown detail 20cm D, Textured Vase 14cm, Blue Glazed shall
222Group Lot of Art Glass incl Frosted textured Pink basket, Diamond Cut Decanter with black base and stopper af, Yellow vase with red detail etc
223AUSTRALIAN Pottery - Phyl Dunn Twin Handled Lidded Crock - Purple Blue tone, 22cm H - Signed , Chip to handle
224Vintage Brass Lamp and shade converted from original Chamberstick
225STAR WARS x 2 Boxed Action figures - Denger, The Empire Strikes Back - Zam Wesell, Attack of the Clones approx 32cm
226STAR WARS Group Lot - Deluxe Latex MASKS, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, C-350
227Box lot of GUITAR PLAYER magazines Mostly mid - late '70s
228Group Lot incl British Royal Horse Guard embroidered badge and Group Lot of Vintage Magazines incl volumes History of the Second World War etc
229Vintage lot timber boxed CUISENAIRE RODS
230DIANA WARE wall pocket with tan and green glaze AND MULGA WOOD serviette ring on stand with cast emu
231Group lot STAR WARS incl 1 x Blaster 29cm L, 2 x Lightsaber Fluro Green and Orange
232STAR WARS - Group Lot Incorrectly Carded Comm Tech Chip Action Figures 9cm H
233Group Lot - incl Charles Wilton Pottery ribbed bowl, 11cm H, Dyson Aust Pottery Lidded Jar and EPNS Perfect Teapot (no infuser)
234Group lot of Vintage items incl Leather cased beaker set (3), Pair of Leather English Jiffies in leather pouch, Leather cased English small travelling
235Group lot of Mid Century Modern Pottery and Glass incl, 2 x Square Wall Plaques 12cm x 12cm , Tumbler Form Vase Green & Brown glaze 8cm H, Glass Bud V
236Group lot of Kitchenalia incl original Can-O-Mat with wall attachment, Retro Red Wall Mount cannister etc
237Small mixed lot - inc Cast pot metal Australian ashtray, decorative Japanese urn, etc
238Small lot vintage china inc Small Lidded twin handled sauce tureens -Tunstall with Black Floral decoration approx 13cm H, Unmarked with Brown decora
2392 x HO SCALE model train engines SPECTRUM GE 44 Ton DIESEL SWITCHER and RS11 LOCOMOTIVE both in original boxes
240Set of 4 x Olympic Games souvenir Glasses, 2 x Greig's Honey Melbourne 1956, Melb 1956,& Mexico 1968 - 12cm H
241BATMAN - MIB - CORGI - Batmobile Die Cast Vehicle with Bat Communications, approx 21cm L
242Small vintage cream BAKELITE bedside lamp with pretty moulded features
243SPAWN 3 x Carded Action Figures, approx 20cm, Gray Thunder, Spawn RL3, Spawn TS2
244Coffee table book SURFING Sam George and Jeff Hornbaker Pub Bison Books pl, London, 1992
245STAR WARS x 3, MIB, Clone Trooper Action Figures 30cm H
2462 x Boxed Stainless Steel Canteens of Cutlery 8 place settings - Mid Century, Wiltshire & Lombard and Boxed silver-plate Salt & Pepper
247Small lot - inc Vintage plastic HOADLEYS CHOCOLATES box feat embossed image of sailing ship,, vintage tins full of buttons and ceramic perfume atomise
248Boxed set (8) of SPEED DEMONS Skateboard bearings
249Vintage Group Lot incl Paper JT Picken & Sons 1944 Calendar sheet and 2 x Autograph books , 1 leather bound c1935
2502 x pcs Vintage jewellery - 9ct rose gold lined heart shaped locket with red stone on chain & large 1930s gilt and pearl cluster Dress Clip
251Group lot - small glass & gilt jewellery box, 1960s Silver bangle, 9ct rose gold collar stud, silver chains, inlaid star shaped broochpendant
252Group lot mainly vintage jewellery- Triple strand cut crystal necklace, 1920s gilt filigree brooch, 5 x beaded buttons, beaded star burst brooch, ros
253Group Lot Silvered Items incl Georg Jensen Round Key Ring and Sculptural figure Twin female form approx 8cm
254Pair of small Adidas novelty running shoes with spikes - 10cm L
255Vintage AIRCRAFT ID MODEL S2 f-1 USN AIR ATTACK Made in Australia 1955
256Vintage Cylinder English Tin Money Box - The Garden Co Ltd - Post box detail with young boy and dog Approx 11cm H
257Vintage miniature LIMOGES tea coffee set Inc urn, cups and saucers with serving platter etc
258Group Lot of Porcelain Half Dolls, 2 x 4 5cm, 1 x 8 5cm
2592 x items - long chunky Eastern silver necklace & matching bracelet
260Vintage brass trench art RAAF Hudson Aeroplane Approx 15cmw
261Small vintage brass door knocker Figure of merman holding flag and horn with stork carrying baby knocker Stamped LIVERPOOL DNO539109
2621956 Melbourne Olympic Games enamel Key ringfob - whiteblack & gilt
2633 x pcs Silver jewellery - claw set Garnet Ring, blue stone mosaic ring in cream Bakelite ring box & twisted bracelet
264Group Lot of 2, 1 x Leather cased Folding Picnic Cutlery set for 1 with ivorine handles incl Spoon, knife and forkcorkscrew - German Leather cased dou
265Vintage DINKY TOYS VW toy car with rare Oval shaped rear window
266Sterling Silver Pierced Bon Bon Dish - Hallmarked Bham1910 Approx 50gms
267Group lot - ladies 15ct ygold Ring with tiny dias (2 5grms) & silver ball pendant with chain (af)
268Mens SEIKO QUARTZ DIVERS 150 watch Model 7548-700a
269Ca 1908 hinged silver embossed VESTA CASE (Match case) with snap shut lid Monogrammed Hallmarks sighted
270Advertising Ashtray - Central Section - Cairo - Egypt, Shepheards Hotel, 11 5cm W
271Small vintage silver cigarette case Ca 1907 Stamped - George Maurice and Co PICADILLY, UK Hallmarks sighted
272Vintage ADVERTISING Gasoline Measuring stick SALE MOTOR GARAGE, York St SALE
2732 x vintage door handles with serpent like design
2742 x Enamel Signs - one sided - Red SEC Danger and Australia Post Office Warning Sign approx 30cm H
275Vintage enamelled street sign BIGNELL ST - Approx 15cmh x 78cmw
276Small box lot mixed vintage items - inc brass door handles, embossed door push plates, candle snuffer etc
277Group lot of Vintage English china incl Monarchy mugs & dishes, Alfred Meakin Mallard flying duck display plate etc
2782 x Vintage Walking Sticks- Fiddleback Blackwood 84cm H, & Palm Wood with silver band approx 86 5cm
279Small lot - Vinyl LP records - inc BLACK WIDOW III, BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath, DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple In Rock, DEVO Live
280SPAWN Group Lot - Carded incl Domina, The Samurai Wars, Medieval Spawn II etc
281AUSTRALIAN Pottery x 2 - Malcolm Cook pottery bowl with black, red & gold central detail 13 5cm D and Peter Laycock Small Vase, glazed neck 11cm H -
282Vintage Federation Green Telephone Collection Wall Mount Metal Box - Signage to front - with CONTENTS of various pre decimal coins
283AUSTRALIAN Pottery x 2 - Joe Sartori Terracotta Vase with abstract cream detail Gilt rim, 27cm H, & Noel Blue Terracotta handled vase, fluted rim ab
284Group Lot of Timber Items incl Australiana Salt & Pepper, Melbourne Tourist Plaque featuring Koalas, Figures etc
2852 x pcs Pottery - Scandinavian Cream Vase with Fat Lava banding, central green glaze, 12cm H, Mark to Base & Braemore Elongated Shallow Bowl iridescen
287DAVID POTTER Australian Pottery Vase - Ribbed & Incised body, cream crackle glaze w Abstract Orange & Red splashed decoration, signed & dated 1986 to
288Vintage Japanese retro Novelty Dog Cookie Jar - 22cm H
289STAR WARS - MIB - Action Figure - GREEDO - 7 points of Articulation with Blaster - 45cm
2903 x Pieces - SYLHA Australian Pottery - Large Jug & 2 x Lidded Cannisters - all w HPainted decoration in greys & whites, all pieces signed
2912 x STAR WARS - MIB - ELECTRONIC BLASTER, Boba Fett and Rebel Trooper, approx 38cm L
292Pair novelty Decanters, Sylvester Cat and Speedy Gonzales, with stoppers - Made in Italy, Hand painted approx 15cm H
293AUSTRALIAN Pottery - MCP Mid Century Modern Vase Bulb Shape, Textured Glaze, yellow interior approx 25cm
294c1950's - SUNBEAM (Made in Australia) Electric Wall Clock - White with Black Dial - approx 17cm D
295Large c1900 Japanese earthenware Vase - Imari orange ground with tube lining & hand painted flowers, ornate top - approx 52cms H
2963 x vintage tin cash boxes -Large with sectioned coin tray insert, CHAD VALLEY - Made in England No 10016 etc
297Large Vols 1 and 2 - Picturesque ATLAS of AUSTRALIASIA edited by Hon Andrew Garran, Printed by Picturesque Atlas Pub Co in 1886 with engraved plated p
298AUSTRALIAN Pottery - John Gilbert Vase Brown glaze with abstract glaze decoration to front 28cm af
299Vintage Australian Pottery Wall Pocket Vase, with Aboriginal theme kangaroo decoration 18cm H, signature to back, geo
300Melbourne 1934 Centenary souvenir Boomerang with gilded & embossed decoration
301BELLEEK China Vase - Basket weave with Green Shamrock detail Brown mark to base 17cm H
302c193040s Hand painted Noritake advertising Geisha figurine wearing blue robe and holding white fan with gilt text 'Noritake China' - green mark to bas
303AUSTRALIAN Pottery - Fowler - Vintage Flour lidded cannister, pink tone with raised gum leaf and nut decoration, approx 22cm H
304Royal Doulton c1928 - ART DECO - Part Tea Set for 8 - HONESTY Pattern H3768, Incl Open Sugar Bowl, Milk Jug and Cake Serving Plate - 1 saucer af
305AUSTRALIAN Pottery - John Campbell circular float vase with drip glaze finish 14 5cm D - signed
306AUSTRALIAN Pottery Longpark - Torquay, Blue glazed Bulb Vase with hand painted Kingfisher detail - Mark to base approx 15 5cm H
307Vintage silver hipflask (ca 1908) with alligator skin wrap MAPPIN & WEBB, London Monogrammed Hallmarks sighted
308Vintage WEMBLEY WARE Australian Ceramic BASKET - Lustre Yellow & Orange glaze, marked to base - 15cm H
309BELLEEK China Swirl Vase with raised floral detail, Green mark to base Vase, approx 12cm H
310French VANNES Large Crystal centrepiece - Mark to base - 12 5cm H - 66cm L
311AUSTRALIAN Pottery x 2 Bowl - Rynne Tanton both with central blue glazed tones and textured exteriors
312AUSTRALIAN Pottery - Pat Alven - Sleeping Baby on a Coolamon, 5cm H 13 5cm L
313Vintage framed hand painted PENFOLDS WINES advertising pub mirror from the ERMACOOR'S WINE BAR, Smith St Collingwood (Closed early '60s) Approx 18cm
314Retro ceramic AFRICAN Girl Figural ASHTRAY - Gold hoop earrings, no marks to base - 195cm H
315Australia art glass Vase - clear with yellow tear drop interior - impressed 'D' mark - appr 22cms H
316Gabriella Bisetto Australian Art glass bowl - green with clear, blue, red foot - 16cms D 6cms H - sgd to base
317AUSTRALIAN Pottery - Christopher Sanders - 1970's Earth Tone with long neck and fluted Top 355 cm H
318AUSTRALIAN Pottery - Greg Daly 1970's shallow bowl, black with gold and red abstract detail - signed - 21 5cm D
319Maureen Williams Australian Art glass perfume bottle - blue, green & clear glass - sgd to base
320Pauline Delaney blue Australian Art glass perfume bottle with iridescent flower shaped stopper - 13cms H -sgd to base
321ROYAL DOULTON - c1920's signed H Morrey - Sunset and Cottage Scene, 16cm H - Marks to base
322Tall Kosta Boda Kjell Engman art glass Vase - lozenge shaped - cobalt blue with soft pattern in whiteorange - 30cms H - sgd to base
323LARGE vintage glass MAC ROBERTSON - Fitzroy lolly Jar, marked M to base - 30cm H
324Large shallow Australian Art glass bowlcentrepiece - featuring bands of black and red with centre pattern orangeblackyellow swirls - 37cms D
325AUSTRALIAN Pottery - DEREK SMITH c1960-1962 - Tasmania, Sage ground Vase with abstract cream and drip glaze black detail, signed 19cm H
3261970s Shiga Shigeo Australian Pottery footed bowl in earthy matt glaze tones - 2 impress marks to base - 10cms H 12cms D