Auction Catalogue – 7th June 2020 – TIMED Online

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Auction Catalogue – 7th June 2020

1Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri (Australia, 1940-2002) Oil Painting on Canvas - Untitled - Signed, numbered CE890493 & inscribed 'Property of Punpunya Tul
2Juta Puust (Europe, Australia, 1904-83) Framed Oil Painting on Board - Sunday Fishing - Signed lower left, further signed & titled verso - image size
3Mid 20th C Balinese Oil Painting on Canvas - Dancers & Devils - Unsigned - Image size 835x435cm H x W, Frame size 88x48cm
4Mid 20th C Eastern Gouache - Gods - No Signature sighted - Image size 525x33cm, Frame size 77x515cm
5Werner Zollinger (Europe, 1908-2004) - Framed Oil Painting on Canvas - Seascape with Coast and Trees - Signed & Dated 1939, lower right - Image size 6
6Early 20th C Framed European Oil painting - The Captain - Signed with Monogram & dated 1935 middle left, further details on remnants of label verso -
7Janis Andriksons ( Latvia, Canada, Australia (1935 - ) Framed Oil Painting - Noranda, Canada - Signed, titled & Dated '62, lower right, further detail
8Mabel Lister (Active c191020's) Framed Watercolour - Eastern Street Scene - Signed & Dated '20, lower right - image size 35x52cm H x W, frame size 615
9Alfred Hugh FISHER (1867-1945) Framed Drypoint Etching - Winchester Cathedral, Number 1, from the Roof of the Headmasters House) - Signed in Pencil on
10John Thorley (1859-1933) Gilt Framed Watercolour - River Scene with Rocky Outcrop - Signed lower right - Image size 275x38cm H x W, frame size 49x635c
11Australian Aboriginal oil on board - Framed Unsigned Untitled - depicting a meeting at campfire - Image size 23 x 27cm H x W Frame size 49 x 515
122 x Pieces Mid Late 20th C Japanese Clothing - Long Kimono & Kimono Jacket in Red & Black Traditional print - Medium sizes
13Late 20th C Oriental framed watercolour - Mountain scene - character marks sighted Image size 545 x 75cm H x W Frame size 655 x 84cm
14Mid 20th C Japanese Gouache on silk - Featuring Warrior with barbed weapon - 39 x 27cm H x W Frame size 595 x 415cm Water damage visible to silk
15Akira Kurosaki (1937-2019) Mounted Colour Woodblock Print - Beautiful Kweilin - Signed, titled & Numbered in pencil, on margin, embossed stamp lower r
16Vintage Tribal Woven Satchel with applied Shell Decoration featuring a Man & Sea Life - image size 57x50 cm H x W, Satchel size 1135x56cm
17Mid 20th C Thai woodblock print Framed Image of 2 people seated on rug Details in pencil on lower margin (illegible) Image size 29 x 225cm H x W Frame
18L Kaufler Mid 20th C Framed Linocut - Alger - Signed & Titled in plate, also signed & inscribed Original Linocut, in pencil on margin lowers right & l
19Charles Pellegrin (France, Active c191030s) Large Framed Oil Painting - Classical Still Life - Signed lower right - Image size 61x78cm H x W Frame siz
20Eric De Saussure (1925 - 2007) Framed Etching - Busy Township Scene, the Kite - Signed & inscribed 'Taize', in pencil on margin lower right, numbered
21Early Mid 20th C Eastern Oil Painting - Landscape with Mountains, Possibly The Himalayas - Signed lower left but illegible, Bombay Framing label vers
22Vintage Japanese traditional Happi Coat - Quilted winter coat with velvet lined collar
23Leanne Reid Wanjidari (Australia, 1966 - ) Mixed Media on Paper - Rainforest Dragon - Signed lower right, further details on Exhibition label verso -
24Vintage Japanese Watercolour & Gouache on Silk - IRIS - Signed with Character marks, lower right - Image size 105x385cm H x W, frame size 1175x515cm -
25Framed Mid 20th C Middle Eastern watercolour - Untitled - depicting seated lovers being serenaded by musicians - Image size 76 x 49cm H x W Frame size
26Mid 20th C Japanese Modernist gouache painting - Framed coastal scene - Signed S Yamamura lower left Image size 36 x 52cm H x W Frame size 59 x 77cm
27Framed c1930s European Oil Painting - Autumn In The Forest - Signed but illegible & dated '32, lower right - Image size 55x67cm H x W Frame size 64 x
28Late 20th C Framed modernist oil painting - The Couple - signed lower left - Image size 48 x 69cm H x W Frame size 67 x 87cm
29E Van der Velde (Active c1920s) Framed Pencil & Watercolour - The Conversation - Signed & dated 1924, lower left - Image size 545x65cm H x W, frame si
30Walter Follen Bishop (Britain, Australia, 1856-1936) Framed Watercolour - A Kent Cottage & it's Cat - Signed lower right, further signed & titled (but
31Rhonda Nicholls (Australia, Working 1990s) Suite of 3 Framed Oil Paintings on Canvas - Traditional Weapons - Each signed & dated 1999, lower right -
32Mid 20th C Eastern Watercolour & Gouache - Woman Seated by Lily Pond with Peacock - Unsigned - Image size 31x205cm H x W, frame size 47x355cm
33Set of 4 x Mid 20th C Japanese metal Wall Plaques - Silhouette Scenes with Female Samurai's - 31x13cm H x W each
34Artist Unknown Modern Aboriginal Oil Painting - Untitled - No markings sighted verso - 40x50cm H x W
35Framed Australian Aboriginal oil on board - Unsigned Untitled - Image size 255 x 375cm H x W Frame 295 x 415cm
36Doreen McArthur (Australia, late 20th C) Oil Painting - Untitled - Signed, numbered 259-12 & inscribed 'Warakurna Artists' verso - 305x305cm
3719th Century British Watercolour & Gouache - Canal scene with Buildings & Figures - Signed with Monogram, lower left - image size 35x25cm H x W, frame
38Early 19th C British Watercolour - Shepherd Boy - Unsigned, in Maple veneer frame - Image size 245x20cm H x W, frame size 43x37cm
39Artist Unknown late 20th Century Aboriginal Oil painting - Untitled - marked with 'Ochre Aboriginal Art of The Kimberly' Ink stamps & numbered 1987325
40Lionel Hinwood (South Africa, 1936-2012) Framed Gouache - SAILS - Signed & Dated '81, lower right - image size 88x44cm H x W, frame size 104x50cm
41Early 20th C Eastern ML Manniche Framed Watercolour & Gouache - Ceremony & Temple - Signed lower right - Image size 50x35cm H x W, frame size 525x375c
42Vintage Chinese red silk embroidered panel - 4 traditional male figures embroidered with metal and other thread - framed under glass - 18cms W x 40
43Early 21st C Framed Oriental Modernist Linocut - Forest, Trees - Signed with Characters in Pencil on margin & dated 2006 - image size 43x47cm H x W, f
44Mid 20th C Suite of 3 Japanese framed watercolours - Each highlighting different fauna and flora - Image sizes 42 x 33cm H x W Frame sizes 57 x 465cm
45c1900 Oriental shell inlaid black lacquer Box featuring birds and flowers - 39cms W 25cms D 3 5 H
46Mid 20thC Oriental watercolour scroll Dragon Chasing the Orb - Character marks sighted - Image size 64 x 305cm H x W Scroll size 119 x 395cm
47Mid 20thC Japanese watercolour scroll of dressed female figure with striking red lipstick - Character marks sighted top right verso - Image size appro
4819th C British School Watercolour - Coastal scene of Gibraltar with Boats & Figures - Unsigned - image size 75x12cm, frame size 24x345cm
49European Mid 20th C Framed Oil Painting on Card - Windy Winter - Signed lower left but illegible, further details verso & dated 1949 - Image size 195x
5019th C British School Watercolour & Gouache - Interior Scene with Figures - Unsigned, unframed - 175x26cm H x W
51Artist Unknown c1991 Aboriginal Oil painting - Untitled - Inscribed verso - Napaljarri, Broome, June 1991 - 355x455cm
52Robert Alexander Dakers (English 1866 - 1954) Oil Painting on Card - heading Home after Collecting the Wood - Unsigned, inscribed verso 'Painted by R
5320th C Japanese woodblock print - After Utagawa Hiroshige - Mariko Famous Tea Shop, second state, from the series Fifty-three Stations of the Tkaid Ro
54Salvador Dali - Framed (unglazed) coloured etching - Kingdom of Gala - Signed lower right, numbered and embossed mark lower left with COA verso - Imag
55Gloria Laura Vanderbilt (USA, 1924 - 2019) - Framed lithograph- Egyptian Head - Signed and numbered in pencil lower margin Image size 71 x 56cm H x W
56THOMAS BUSH HARDY (1842 - 1897) Gilt framed Watercolour heightened with Body colour - EQUIHEN - Unloading The Catch - Signed & Titled 'Equihen', lower
57Leslie Stanley (Australia, active c19802000s) Oil Painting on Canvas - Untitled (Barramundi) - Signed & Dated 2011, lower right & verso - 405x505cm H
58Simon Tjangala (Australia, Working 1990s) Oil Painting on Canvas - Untitled - Signed, inscribed 'property of pupunya tula artists pl' & numbered ST960
592 x pcs Early 20th C Japanese china - c1935 Noritake Deco hand painted side plate (14cmsD) & chintz round sectioned tray with wood & metal handle (28c
60Early 20th C Japanese Watercolour - Boats on the River - Signed lower left - Image size 235x32cm H x W, frame size 40x485cm
61Suite of 3 Japanese mounted colour woodblock prints - Each featuring feudal era rural scenes - Image sizes 20 x 28cm H x W Mount size 405 x 48cm
62Louis Thompson (Active c192040s) Framed Etching - A Foggy Day - image size 8x105cm, Frame size 34x25cm H x W
63DM Ganambarr (Australian, 20th C) Aboriginal Oil Painting - Djinpaypay - Dugong, Deep Sea Fish & a Dolphin - Signed lower right, further signed & insc
64Early 20trh C Eastern brass Tray - fine Engraved detail - 23cms D
65Early 20th C Eastern Watercolour & Gouache - Figures in Flight - Unsigned - some foxing sighted - image size 23x345cm H x W, frame size 37x475cm
66Edward J Cherry (1886-1960) Framed Etching - Cathedral Spires - Signed in Pencil on margin - image size 15x9cm, 355x265cm frame size
67Early 20th C Japanese Watercolour - Boats at Sunset - Signed lower right - Image size 15x33cm H x W, Frame size 295x47cm
6820th C Japanese woodblock print - After Kitagawa Utamaro - Untitled, looks to be from the series pleasures for beauties on the five festival days - Im
69Giorgio De Chirico - Framed exhibition lithograph poster The Consoler - Muse Marmottant for Muse Marmottan 1975 - Poster size 71x495cm H x W Frame siz
70Mid 20th C Carved Teak Balinese Wooden Panel - Bathers - No signature sighted - 51x285cm H x W
71Timothy Quananaapik (Canada, 1938 - 1984) - Framed block print - Woman Fishing in Winter - Signed in plate, numbered with further details in pencil on
72Louis Icart (France, 1888 - 1950) - Mounted coloured etching - Woman with Ducks (1927) - signed in pencil on margin, further details top left and righ
73Salvador Dali Sterling Silver 1972 Easter Plate - Easter Christ - as new in Original Box & sealed, with Paperwork, produced by Lincoln Mint - 23cm Di
74Vintage Australian Aboriginal Woomera - deep patina, very good original condition 51 x 105cm L x W
75Mid 20th C Australian Aboriginal returning type boomerang Striations to either end 69cm L
76Hazel Morton Kngwarreye (Australia, 1963- ) Oil Painting - Untitled - Signed & Dated 2006, verso - 325x335cm H x W
77Lucky Morton Kngwarreye (Australia, c1952- ) Oil painting on canvas - Gathering of witchetty grubs - Signed, titled and dated May 1999 verso Size 315
78Vintage Oriental BRONZE Enamelled VASE - Mother of Pearl Inlay in the form of birds and blossom - Presented to Fed Of Master Builders Aust From Const
79Noritake Morimura hand painted Peanut Bowl - oval with scalloped top, blush pink ground to interior, applied leaves in yellowgreen to exterior - 17cm
80c1900 Chinese Ceramic Money Bank - Impressed design & character marks to glazed top section, unglazed lower - 65cm H, approx 10cm Diam
81Satsuma Japanese Ceramic seated Buddha - Vintage c192030's, hand painted feature & detail, no marks to base - 14cm H
82Mid 20th C Japanese Ceramic Vase - Modernist Shape with pierced hole handle & Fluted indenture to front - sticker w Character marks sighted - 18cm H
83Early 19th C Japanese Watercolour & Gouache - MT FUJI - Signed lower right - image size 10x28cm H x W, frame size 27x37cm
84Early 20th C European Watercolour & Gouache - Soldiers on the Lookout - Signed lower right but illegible - image size 24x16cm H x W, frame size 265x18
85Framed Chinese mother of pearl wooden Panel finely incised with scene, man on bridge, buildings, trees etc panel size 20cms x 9cms
86Mid 20th C Heavy Brass Buddha bust - approx 25 cms H
8720th C Japanese woodblock print - After Eishi Hosoda - Itsutomui - Image size 235 x 125cm H x W Frame size 28 x 18cm
88Early 20th C style Indian Bronze figure - Seated Goddess Tara - 14cm H
89Late 20th C Japanese Porcelain Vase - Hand painted Portrait of a Girl to front - Signed to base & details to back of vase - 16cm H
90Chinese orange ground finely handpainted Vase - cameos of flowers, birds etc unmarked approx 19cms H
91Chinese Porcelain Tample Dogs - Pair of, lovely Blue glaze, impressed numbers 091 & other mark sighted to bases - 26cm H each
9219th C Gilded Chinese carved wooden Buddha - seated with hands in prayer - approx 27 cms H
93Chinese Cricket cage - antique finely carved pierced wood with screw top - approx 5cms H
942 x Vintage Japanese Carved Wooden Netsukes - Elderly men in Robes - both with fine hand painted detail & gilding, signed to backs of each - 6cm H eac
95Oriental Bronze Seated Buddha - Vintage c1920's, all marks to base - 85cm H
96Early mid 20th C Japanese Silver Stemmed Vase - Double Conical top to fluted stem, band of decoration to top & bottom rims, marked Silver Shobido to b
97Early 20th C style Indian Bronze Hindu Goddess Parvati - 20cm H
98Early 20th C style Indian Bronze - Entwined Gods - 155cm H
99Early 1900's AWAJI Japanese Art Pottery Vase, with four lower openings with linear design, green glazed, approx 24cm H
100Cantonese Famille Rose hand painted porcelain plate - unmarked, approx 24 5cms D
101c1900 Chinese crackle glaze ceramic Vase decorated with hand painted warriors - mark to base - approx 25cms H
102Early 20th Century Japanese Ebonised Table - Pierced Galleries & Pagoda shaped shelves, out turned legs, some repairs sighted - approx 75cm H