With over 30 years of experience in the antique and collectables industry our professional team can help in the clearance of large collections, deceased estates, antiques, art, Australian pottery, jewellery, toys, retro items and collectables.

  •  Submit photos by email for an auction estimate –
  •  Call us on 03 95687811/66 – Mon. Tues.  Frid. 10 – 6pm, Wed. 12-6pm
  •  Bring goods in for appraisal on Monday & Fridays between 10 – 6pm.  Other times by appointment.
  •  An inspection can be arranged at your premises for a fee.  This fee is usually $50 depending on location.
  •  We charge a 25% commission rate to pack and deliver goods to our location for auction.
  •  Goods may not necessarily be offered immediately for sale, we may schedule them for one of our upcoming monthly special auctions.
  •  We can arrange cartage for large consignments.
  •  Valuations for legal, insurance, estates and collections can be arrange for a fee.
  •  Please note – Our standard commission rate is negotiable for large collections and consignments depending on the overall value.
  •  Should you wish to Reserve an item please discuss this with our auctioneer when submitting items.

General Conditions of Business

These Conditions apply to all sales conducted and services provided by Vanessa Crew Pty. Ltd. trading as The Collector and any goods which are held by the Company for transport, valuation, storage, or any other purposes.

Estimated Selling Range and descriptions

The company shall not be liable for any error, misstatement, or omission in the description of a Lot in any Catalogue, unless The Collector (and its employees and agents) has engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct.

Warranties of Seller

The Seller warrants to the company and Buyer that:

  1. the lot is free from all liens, charges, encumbrances, and third-party claims including a claim by a spouse.
  2. the lot and any written provenance given by the Seller to The Collector is authentic.

The Seller has notified the company in writing of:

  1. any material alterations to the Lot of which the Seller is aware.
  2. any concerns expressed by third parties in relation to authenticity, provenance, origin, age, condition or quality of the Lot.
  3. all information in the Seller’s possession as to the provenance and identification of the Lot and that the information is correct.
  4. the Seller acknowledges that The Collector relies on any information provided by the Seller and the Seller agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the company against all Claims arising out of or in connection with this information.


If there is an Agreed Reserve:

  1. it may only be changed with the written consent of The Collector although the company may at its own discretion consent to an oral request for a reduction (but not an increase)
  2. only the Auctioneer may place a bid on behalf of the Seller.
  3. neither the Seller nor any person on the Sellers behalf may bid on the lot.
  1. if the Auctioneer is of the opinion that the Seller or a person on the Seller’s behalf may have bid on the Lot, The Auctioneer may knock down the Lot to the Seller without observing the Agreed Reserve and the Seller shall pay the company the Premium in addition to the Seller’s Commission and Expenses.
  2. If a Seller purports to place a reserve on a Lot but that reserve is not an Agreed Reserve, The Collector will sell the Lot without reserve unless the Seller withdraws the Lot from the Sale.

If there is no Agreed Reserve, The Collector shall not be liable if the Sale Price of the Lot is less than the Estimated Selling Range.


Payment to Seller

The company is only liable to the Seller for payment of the Sale Proceeds if the Purchase Price has been received in cleared funds by the company.

If the full Purchase Price has been received in cleared funds by the company within 2 days of the date of the Sale, the company shall pay the Sale Proceeds to the Seller Three weeks and one day (Friday) after the date of the Sale. Payment is either by EFT or collection of a cheque.

If the company rescinds a Sale because the Lot is proved to its reasonable satisfaction to be a Forgery and the company has accounted to the Seller for the Sale Proceeds, the Seller must immediately refund the Sale Proceeds to the Company, which will then refund the Purchase Price to the Buyer and make the Lot available to the Seller for collection.

A lotting/listing fee of $10 per lot (inc. GST) will be charged

Items may be grouped together depending on their value.  This is a once only fee.  If the lot is passed in and re-offered, the fee is not charged again.

There are not further fees and charges for sorting, photography, moving furniture, etc


Goods dropped off-

Sliding scale as follows on the hammer price:

22% – $0 – $2000

20% – $2000 – $4000

18% – $4000 plus

Plus GST (10%) on commission


Valuation of Estate & clearance $50 minimum call out fee.

Commission 25% includes packing & pickup of goods with a sliding scale as follows:

25% – $0 – $2,000

23% – $2000 – $4000

21% – $4000 plus

Plus GST 10% on commission

Withdrawal Fees

A seller may only withdraw a Lot from sale by written notice signed by the Seller.

If a seller withdraws a Lot from sale after the date upon which the company advertises or catalogues the Lot for auction but before the Lot has been put on view, the Seller shall pay to the company the Expenses plus a withdrawal fee equal to 22% inclusive of GST of the higher of:

  1. the average of the Estimated Selling Range high and low estimates, or
  2. the Agreed Reserve

If a Seller withdraws a Lot from Sale after the date upon which the Lot has been put on view at the sale venue or in the Company’s premises up to and including 28 days after the Sale, the Seller shall pay the company the Expenses plus a withdrawal fee equal to 50% inclusive of GST of the higher of:

  1. the average of the Estimated Selling Range high and low estimates, or
  2. the Agreed Reserve

If the Seller purports to change the Agreed Reserve at any time without the consent of the company, the Seller shall be deemed to have withdrawn the Lot from sale.

Unsold Lots

If a Lot is unsold at the Sale, the company is authorised by the Seller as the Seller’s sole agent to sell the Lot by private treaty or by auction for a price that is not less than the Agreed Reserve at any time within 28 days after the Sale, provided that:

  1. if the highest offer for an unsold Lot is referred to the Seller then the Seller may accept that offer, and
  2. if the maker of the offer wishes to withdraw the offer then they must do so in writing prior to the communication to them by the company of the Seller’s acceptance of the offer.

All offers to purchase unsold lots made within two working days of an auction of that lot will be subject to all Auction terms and conditions.

Risk of Personal Loss or Injury

The Collector shall be under no liability for any injury, damage or loss sustained by any person while on the Premises, except where the Company (or its employees or agents) has acted with gross negligence.


            Insurance for goods can be arranged if required at a cost.


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