Lalique & dÓrsay

Pictured is a powder box c1935 made by Rene Lalique in ‘Emilianne’ pattern for the French perfume company d’Orsay, which was named after the Count D’Orsay who was born in Paris in 1801.Rene Lalique powder bowlNicknamed the “Prince” and last of the “Dandies” d’Orsay adopted London as his home and society fell at his feet. He was flashy, witty, good looking, extravagant and the leader of fashion. Almost to cult status. His unconventional romantic encounters included a long affair with LadyBlessington, and possibly her husband Lord Blessington. In order to pay debts he took up portraiture and his works included the who’s who of society, Byron, Disraeli, Carlyle, Wellington, Dickens – and d’Orsay himself.

Although the house Parfum’s d’Orsay never belonged to the Count d’Orsay himself, his perfumes and the romantic air of his name were used when forming the company in 1908. And like d’Orsay the founders spared no expense in creating the brand’s image by using Lalique and Baccarat crystal bottles, and producing among others the perfume Etiquette Bleu created by d’Orsay himself.