• Jennifer Le-Francke, Ringwood Antique Market

    As a dealer of some twenty seven years, I have been frequenting the weekly auctions of The Collector for in excess of fifteen years. Run as a family business, being mother and son, I have always found Vanessa and Adam to be implacable regarding their honesty and integrity towards their clientele. I have referred many customers of ours to The Collector over the years, and have always received very positive feedback and indeed “thanks” after their dealings with this auction room. I wouldn’t hesitate to personally recommend The Collector to anyone considering utilizing their services for deceased estates, selling collections and general downsizing.

  • Dennis Wallace,

    Collectables from the novel to the weird and wonderful, I am always surprised at the variety and range which pass through their door.
    As a customer for over sixteen years, both buying and selling, I have always been pleased with their prices.
    Keep up the good work and I will be around for sixteen years more!

  • Sue Barns and Chris Dunne,

    We have been long time customers and sometimes vendors with "The Collector" Auction room and love both the atmosphere of the room and the friends we have made over the years, both staff and other buyers. All this without mentioning the occasional bargains and quirky gems we have purchased from the many auctions we have attended. Thursday nights would not be the same without Adam and the crew. Nothing but praise for them all.  

  • Paula Barnett,

    Every Thursday night at The Collector is a journey through a maze of surprises, bargains and must have unique items. A character filled crowd eat their fish and chips and compete for the bargain of the night.  A friendly array of regulars help to create a great atmosphere and there is always some laughs to be had. If you haven't been you are definately missing out.  I wouldn't miss it for quids! Paula Barnett

  • ,

    I have been urging myself to write this review,and a deservedly positive one, for some time. And to present a picture of a dynamic and pulsating,rich place is difficult,thus my hesitation. The environment of the auction house is essentially very human:  this is re-inforced by the eclectic, rare, diverse items for auction, the grungy chic of an ex-industrial site and the natural warmth, discernment, knowledge, patience and goodwill of the staff.  As both a buyer and vendor of collectables, I have been consistently pleased with the results attained.  Auctioneering is a gift that Adam possesses: tireless, good natured, a connoisseur, stalwartly honest, intelligent.  His audience never falters in their connectedness to the proceedings.  Vanessa's personal charm and erudition is wonderful.  The staff are professional, once again learned, friendly and efficient, they reflect the intrinsic flair of this house.  Excellent fellows indeed, (dear staff if I have not mentioned your name ,please forgive me!)   Hmmm...I have not really done justice to this very fine, welcoming institution...see for yourself the textural splendour,  the laughter and inclusiveness....and the superb yet arcane and bohemian antiques, art and collectables that are up for auction. John Taylor - Artist & Collector