Fashion designer Norma Tullo and her Scrapbook

Fashion designer Norma Tullo and her Scrapbook

We recently sold a 1959 scrap album belonging to Norma Tullo telling of her first trip to Europe.

An important Australian fashion designer of the 1950’s to late 80’s from Melbourne, Norma was one of the  young designer set of the 60’s working from the converted Griffith’s Sweets Factory in  Tullo Place, Richmond.

She rang today to say that she is excited to have the album back in her possession, and we’re thrilled that it has returned to her (one of the many joys of our job).

Having read it thoroughly, I was able to ask her some questions.   104 9

Who are the group of people in the photo wearing braid?  To which she replied, ‘some dignitaries from  Jordon”, and then a story ensued.

While staying at The Dorchester in London, she received an invitation for dinner from King Hussein of Jordon.  She arrived at the 400 Club very nervous.  He arrived with his entourage along with many bodyguards as there had been assassination attempts on his life.  She was introduced, he took her hand, she looked into his eyes and recognized him.

Two days earlier while returning from a hair appointment with Mr. Vidal Sassoon, she was coming out of the revolving door of the hotel when a man knocked her for six.  Her hair piece went flying, also her Gucci bag.  She declared “you’re the rudest man I’ve ever met” as he kept going.

King Hussein did apologise for bowling her over and remained a dear friend until he died in 1999.


Vanessa Crew