Auction Highlights - Bloke's Shed - 2nd March 2017

Auction Highlights – Bloke’s Shed – 2nd March 2017

A fantastic night had by all with football cards, advertising and radios all exciting the punters but topping the auction highlights this week was the WW2 slouch followed closely by sideshow laughing clown. Hope to catch everyone next week.


Description Price
WW2 felt fur Slouch hat with 43rd Battalion colour patch 354
Fab colourful sideshow style Plaster Laughing Clown 305
Large group lot 1976 Scanlens AFL football trading cards inc – Alex Jesaulenko, Robert Muir, Kevin Bartlett etc 268
4 x Original Framed Sam Wells – Sporting Cartoonist (1885-1972) VFL newspaper cartoons incl; Cats, Collingwood, Blues, etc 268
Complete and unopened DUFF Beer slab – 24 x 375ml cans 256
c1940’s Astor Mickey pale blue Bakelite valve radio 214
2 x boxes assorted beer taps and pulls 201
Vintage hand-painted General Electric fridge – ‘Harley Davidson’ 183
Box lot beer taps inc – Coopers Boags etc 183
Vintage original VACC Automobile repairers division enamel sign 183
Light up barrel end Cougar bourbon sign 183
Vintage original VACC Towing operators division enamel sign 177
Vintage original VACC Members enamel sign 177
Group lot leadlight window sashes 159
Green Piping hot banana skateboard signed by Tas Pappas 146.
Vintage coach jack 146
c1930’s Britain Ericsson timber wall phone with brass mouth piece 146
Vintage Clarinet in case by E J Albert Brussels 146
Group lot 1964 Outer Limits trading cards 140
Sample Album of Greeting cards by Lonsdale & Bartholomew 134
Group lot Sharpening stones inc – Arkansas stones 134
Large group lot 1977 Scanlens AFL football trading cards inc – Robert Flower, Simon Madden, etc 134
c1930’s Britain Ericsson timber wall phone with black mouth piece 134
Group lot sheets of Mint Australian stamps 134
Group lot 1964 Scanlens AFL football trading cards inc – Len Mann, Barry Davis and Pat Guinane 122
Group lot 1965 Scanlens AFL football trading cards inc – Neville crow, John Peck, Brian Dickson 122
Large Primus #608 kerosene blow torch 122
Australian predecimal Stamp album – unhinged with variety of watermark examples 122